The TORCH Timeline

Late September of 1998
"Beauty & The Beasts"
x Giles and Oz meet at The Blue Angel, discovering that they share the services of Alexa, a professional dominatrix.
October 1998
Break with show
Willow and Xander begin seeing each other. Oz finds out.
Other Lines
October/November 1998 Cordelia finds out about Willow and Xander. Oz and Cordelia bond, and Oz takes Cordelia to The Blue Angel.
High Cost Of Living
Driven Like The Snow
Twenty Shadows
Early December 1998 Oz meets Christian.
Hymn Of Breaking Strain
December 31, 1998 Oz and Giles talk on New Year's. Giles offers Oz a job researching.
Early January 1999 Alexa and Christian are introduced to the Sunnydale High gang when demons attack.
Late January 1999 Willow notices the relationship between Alexa, Christian, and Oz.
February 1999 Faith finds out about The Blue Angel and goes to visit on a night where Cordelia and Giles are both visiting. Oz tries to keep the three apart.
Temple Of Love
Little Verses
May 1999 Christian and Oz discuss Oz's family.
A Broken String
Middle of May 1999 Graduation. Willow and Xander disappear the next day, going to a Midwestern college without telling any of their friends. Cordelia moves to Los Angeles. Alexa and Christian offer to take Oz along on a trip to Berlin.
August 1999 Giles gives Oz an acceptance letter from the Watchers' Council. Oz leaves with Christian and Alexa for Europe.
Late September 2000 Christian, Oz, and Alexa arrive in London. Oz joins the Watchers for training.
Station To Station
Middle of 2001 Faith dies while slaying.
April 2003 Oz graduates from the Watchers. He has a bittersweet reunion with Giles, but then leaves when Alexa calls for help.
Great Mistake I Never Made
May 2003 "The Trouble"
Oz must become Alpha of his pack in order to save it.
October 2003 "The Trouble" is resolved. Oz sends Christian and Alexa back to Sunnydale while he goes into Watcher apprenticeship.
December 2003 Buffy is killed in the line of duty.
December 2004 Oz returns to Sunnydale.
Jeanne Duchamp, who will eventually be a Slayer, is born. Oz adopts her when her mother dies shortly after childbirth.
Oz becomes a full Watcher.
July 2005 Oz and Jeanne live with Giles, who resides as Watcher emeritus.
Someone Else's Story
Middle of 2009 Christian buys the former Blue Angel on a lark and renovates it.
Early 2019 Jeanne becomes the Slayer.
October 2019 Xander leaves Willow.
November 2019 Willow returns to Sunnydale to see Oz.
January 2020 Oz and Giles raise Jeanne together.
Next Of Kin