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Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel

Angel. Credit Card. Bittersweet.
The Debt by Taramisu

Angel. Nail Polish. Bitter.
Linger by Dora

Angel. Wallet. Lonely.
The Picture by Dolores Labouchere

Anya. Axe. Ecstatic.
Splinters by Annie

Anya. Cigarettes. Sensuous.
Smokes by Kate

Anya. Jewelry. Ecstatic.
Catching Sunlight by Victoria P.

Anya. Television. Delight.
Channel Surfing by Amberina

Ben. Computer. Serious.
Sum Of Parts by Kawcrow

Buffy. Mirror. Enraged.
Reflection by Xebbie
Angel Of Death by Victoria P.

Buffy. Mirror. Lucky.
If You're Crying by Twinkledru J

Cordelia. Coat. Alive.
Let's Pretend Happy End by Rebecca Parker

Cordelia. Crossbow. Scared.
Everyday by Freely

Cordelia. Watch. Alive.
Small Town, Small Fish by Faithtastic
Ravishing by Briar

Darla. Jewelry. Bitter.
Creature Of Habit by Faithtastic

Darla. Pillow. Aroused.
Merciful by Faithtastic

Dawn. Bed. Lonely.
Sharp Edges by Kawcrow

Dawn. Picture. Needing.
Desperation by Kari Jo

Dawn. Rain. Empty.
Stone, Grass by Twi

Devon. Cigarettes. Sensuous.
Femme Fatale by Bitch Willow

Doyle. Painting. Ecstatic.
A Thousand Words by Meg Fox

Dru. Candle. Enraged.
Monsters And Little Girls by Adam Windsor

Faith. Picture. Lonely.
Deny by Lar

Giles. Stake. Hopeful.
Falling Apart by Jeanny

Glory. Lotion. Alive.
Lotion by Victoria P.

Graham. Bed. Melancholy.
Witness by Ingrid Fairfax

Graham. Calender. Delight.
Drinking, Dying by Christine Carver

Gunn. Shirt. Scared.
Locusts by Liz Harris

Harmony. Pillow. Glowing.
Fools Are My Theme by Shrift

Holland. Shirt. Sensuous.
All In Good Time by James Walkswithwind

Jenny Calender. Gun. Bittersweet.
Before by Miss Elise

Jonathan. Credit Card. Alive.
Quick Mercy by Kawcrow

Joyce. Painkillers. Scared.
Feeling It by Buffonia

Lilah. Curtains. Delight.
Secrets by Nymue

Lilah. Doll. Empty.
Real by Kawcrow

Lilah. Nail polish. Hopeful.
Who Knew? by briar

Lindsey. Calendar. Empty.
From Slave To Master by Victoria P.

Lindsey. Credit Card. Bitter.
Still Frame by Criss Moody

Lindsey. Painting. Depressed.
In The Waiting by Lar

Maggie Walsh. Computer. Dead.

The Mayor. Credit Card. Dead.
Paying Up by Kawcrow

Oz. Lotion. Full.
Lazy Afternoon by Immicolia

Riley. Painkillers. Hollow.
Normal by nepthys

Riley. Painkillers. Scared.
Scared by Alex

Riley. Pillow. Vacant.
Just The Heat by Lar

Riley. Rain. Future Shock.
All The Rage by Jeanny

Spike. Cigarettes. Aroused.
Blowing Smoke by Buffonia

Tara. Calendar. Hopeful.
Fifty-seven Days by Adam Windsor

Tara. Coat. Future shock.
Undying by Jeanny

Trick. VCR. Angry.
Dammitt by briar

Wesley. Candles. Giddy.
His First Time by Jeanny

Wesley. Rain. Grateful.
Nothing Of It by Twinkledru J.

Wesley. Shirt. Furious.
Apocalypse Then by Liz Harris

Wesley. Shirt. Melancholy.
Fitting by The Dove

Willow. Can of Soda. Hollow.
Ashamnu by Andrew Bowles

Willow. Candles. Bittersweet.
Candles by nepthys

Willow. Credit Card. Sombre.
Give Me Some Credit by Sara

Willow. Credit Card. Vacant.
Trying Not To Think Of Elephants by Rebecca Lizard

Willow. Dirt. Bitter.
Supposed To by Spurglie

Willow. Painkillers. Happy.
Understand by Netgirl

Willow. Pillow. Grateful.
Comforts Of Home by Meg

Willow. Shirt. Sombre.
I Wish I Had The Blue by Spurglie

Xander. Candles. Tragic.
The Hollow by Jeanny

Xander. Grass. Desiring.
Nesting by Annie



Bobby Drake. Bed. Content.
6:55 AM by Mara Greengrass

Bobby Drake. Pillow. Content.
Morning Rain by nepthys

Jean Grey. Nail Polish. Bitter.
Red Nail Polish by Mara Greengrass

Jean Grey. Painkillers. Dead.
In Grief by flame tongue

Jubilee. Picture. Full.
Feeling Blurred by Kassie

Logan. Credit card. Enraged.
Redecorating by Victoria P.

Kitty Pryde. Nail Polish. Content.
Left Of Center by Catlin O'Connor

Kitty Pryde. Tissues. Lonely.
Feeling Exposed by Kassie

Scott Summers. Can of soda. Hollow.
Root Beer Reverie by Victoria P

St. John Allerdyce. Book. Giddy.
Mail Call by Victoria P


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