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Any and all questions about the Guild will be answered here.

What happened to the original site? What happened to Tev Ye?
As Tev Ye said in her Editor's Note (dated January 11th, 2001)
I'm sorry to do this, but I'm going to have to give up the BtVS Writers' Guild. I'm sure many of you saw this coming, and to be honest I did as well. I started this project out of my love for writing and ironically I often find myself having to choose between writing and working on Guild. Given the current state of my real life I just don't see this changing any time soon. So I have had to choose writing.
You guys have made this something beyond my wildest dreams and I would love to see it continue, but I can't be the one to spearhead it anymore.

The original site will soon re-direct people to the new site.

What happened to all the old zones?
When the committee (made up of existing zone owners and people heavily involved in the fandom, and chosen by Ellen) decided to move the site to a better server and to completely redesign the site, we also decided to, for the sake of fairness, make a clean break.
Many zone sites had not been updated nearly as long as the Guild site itself, and many others wanted to transfer over their zone status to another site. There were also many new sites that had applied for zone status, and had never heard back from Tev Ye. To simply "grandfather" in the original zone sites would be unfair to many other sites out there.
Also, with the restructuring of the zones, and the addition of the character and genre sections, we felt it would be easier to start over than to attempt to fit the existing zones in.

What happens with the application process?
Every application is sent to a mailing list consisting of current zone owners. They review the site, note that all the necessary requirements are on the site, and if the site does have all the requirements, it is accepted into the Guild.

What are the zones?
We have three types of zones.
Character zones are zones focused on specific characters (Buffy, Angel, etc.), and how to write them.
Relationship zones are zones focused on specific pairings (Buffy/Angel, Willow/Spike, etc.), and how to write them.
Genre zones are zones focused on specific genres (Dark, Action, etc.), and how to write in them.

What happened to the membership, beta reader and archive listings?
When we moved, we also changed the way the archive, membership, and beta reader listings were set up. Because of this, we decided not to move the old listings onto the new site. If you want to be listed, you have to fill out the various forms. They take only a few seconds, and you'll be glad you did.

How are you going to make sure that the character zones aren't slanted toward any particular ship? Are you going to have these zones consist of only hard canon info?
The character zones will, hopefully, consist of information only about that character. A large portion of that will be hard canon information, but filling in the other parts of the character's history (the past, the future, thoughts, etc.) will be something authors can take on.
We hope that the character zones will include links to sites that are focused on relationships, creating a bond between sites focused on this character, but if it appears to be too slanted, we will bring it up.

Why is ___ site the zone site and not ___?
The basic answer is because, simply, they applied. If a site doesn't apply, then we can't make them the zone site.

Why hasn't the zone site for ___ updated?
If a site hasn't updated, you should take it up with the site owner. If the owner hasn't responded, then email the Zone editorial staff at

Where can I post fanfiction?
We do not host fanfiction upon this site. But we are paired with BFA, an all-encompassing BtVS/Ats fanfiction archive. Also, the zone sites on this site host fanfiction, and there are a large variety of archives to peruse as well.

What if I want to start a writers' guild for my fandom?
You go right ahead and do that -- you don't need our permission. It would be nice to have a link, so that people know what else is out there, but it's not necessary.

What about...?
If you have any other question, submit it here: