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About The Guild

Our mission is to promote the writing of quality fan fiction for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. We are attempting to do this in a variety of ways.

We use posting boards, mailing lists, and other such interactive tools to get writers discuss concepts, thoughts, and plot ideas with each other. We set up 'Zones' for characters, pairings, and genre stories, in an attempt to create portals for those particular styles of fan fiction.

We try to give writers as many resources as possible to help them with their writing -- resources like links, writing tips, beta readers, and places to archive their fan fiction.

The Guild operates on many different levels. On the main site, general references and resources can be found. On the affiliate sites, or Zones, the site owners attempt to become portals and guides to the subjects they focus on. Lists of beta readers, links to mailing lists and archives on the subjects, tips on writing the particular subjects...each is set up in an attempt to help writers improve their fan fiction.

And, finally, there are the members. The members who want to promote fan fiction and who love BtVS and Angel. The members are what makes the Guild what it is -- a resource, a portal, and above all, a community.