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In The Night
Nothing matters when Oz is in his arms. PG-13
(maybe cross the country become a rock star)
Giles, Oz, Cordelia, and the American Air Guitar Championships. PG-13
Giles, Oz, and settling in. PG
Giles, Oz, and a small club. PG
Giles and Oz find each other and themselves. PG
Giles is Oz's and Oz is Giles's. PG
Giles, Oz, and a brief pause before change. PG
Picture This
Giles pictures a return. PG
This brings Giles to him. PG
Oz watches Giles. PG
Boys Of Summer (In Their Ruin)
"There is no reason for Oz to be here." PG
Empty Chairs At Empty Tables
Oz returns to Sunnydale to discover that only one of his cohorts has survived. PG
Dolores Labouchere
Across The Universe
Giles and Oz remember the fifth of November. PG
Bubble Bath
Giles is having a bath, and it's perfect. PG-13
Don't Go Up There
Buffy gets a surprise at Giles' apartment. PG-13
Forgive Us Our Debts
Repayment need not be painful, but it can be interesting. R
Nine Songs
Giles, Oz, and the music. PG
Page 57, Third Row, Second In
"Before he turned up in Sunnydale, the last time Giles had seen Ethan was in the Rune, so it should have been less surprising than it was when he saw Oz sitting cross-legged in the corner, engrossed in a text on Egyptian necromancy." NC-17
Two enjoy the show. PG
Wild Is The Wind
Giles needs to re-evaluate his relationship with Oz. PG
Big Beat From Badsville
Giles, Oz, vague flirting, drugs, and rock'n'roll. PG-13
Autumn Sweater
"Now that it's colder, Oz wears his blue lambswool sweater every day." G
The Baleful, Ingenious, and Curious Memory-Theater of One Ethan Rayne
"Oz is drifting on warm yellow-flannel clouds of almost-sleep when the phone rings." R
Bottomless Cheer, Endless Kisses
Christmas, eggnog, and trouble. PG
The Case Of The Caribbean Bubbly
The adventures of Bert, Ozzie, Betty, and zombies in 1930s New York. R
Coming True
"It is not that the beautiful totality of the individual is amputated, repressed, altered by the social order; it is rather that the individual is carefully fabricated in it." Harvests are beginnings, too. R
Compassing Wonders
Verona Beach holds more than one creature. R
Here and now: they're words that need context. NC-17
Lost In Chinatown
Why are we hiding from our friends? PG
"Oz gets confused easily." PG
Not Unlike Blushing In A Pleasant Face
Pomegranates, album collections, and merging. PG
Other Fish
Giles comes home early. Smut ensues. NC-17
Pale Brows, Still Hands, And Dim Hair
"Shouldn't you be celebrating? Why aren't you smiling?" PG-13
Restricted Supplement to the Watcher's Guide, Concerning Amatory Matters
She's pretty sure that there must be all kinds of wrongness associated with making out with your Watcher's boyfriend. NC-17
Scenes From The Floating World
Courtship takes its own time. R
A Wolf, Leaping
"Something involving big dogs, Oz with a wolf tattoo, and Giles." NC-17
You & Me & The Moon
"I'm a little bit shy, you're easy on the eye" NC-17
Oz finds the library. Book Of Daniel. R
Hanging with Oz at the library. Book Of Daniel. NC-17
The Garage Sound
Live! Tonight! Dingoes at the Bronze! Book Of Daniel. NC-17
Oz is strikingly fond of kitchens. Book Of Daniel. NC-17
Banging Into Floats
Improvisation takes several different forms. Book Of Daniel. NC-17
Coelacanths And Camphor
Flea-market finds and questions of extinction. Book Of Daniel. NC-17
Something That Means Something
Asking too many questions, both weird and rude. Book Of Daniel. NC-17
Slouching Towards Labor Day
Time's like this endless cord, but watch out for the pruning shears. Book Of Daniel. NC-17
In The 550s
Geology is the study of the solid matter of a world. Book Of Daniel. NC-17
Gone Garbo
"But neither a priest nor an ordinary man of this world was I, for I wavered ceaselessly like a bat that passes for a bird at one time and for a mouse at another" Book Of Daniel. NC-17
Gonzo Sunset
Giles realizes who has been ignored. Lux Vivens. R
Moonlight And Van Helsing
Giles and Oz share a Christmas unseasonably. Lux Vivens. R
Giles visits Oz's apartment for the first time. Lux Vivens. NC-17
Silver Rocket
Oz wonders about Giles. PG-13
Stupid In The Sun He Lies
"Giles has moved his comfortable chair out here to the main table so he can keep an eye on the wolf while he works." PG
Jane Davitt
Marmalade Toast
"Marmalade toast and a marmalade cat..." G
Quiet, Please
"Giles knows perfectly well that his hangover is his fault..." NC-17
Shifting Like Sand
"Like a child shoehorned by a thrifty mother into last year's winter coat, he finds himself forced into behaviours he thought long overgrown, embracing them with the fervour of the newly-converted." NC-17
WIth A Final Backward Glance At Eurydice
"'I've never seen you lose your temper like that,' Giles says." PG
Oz has only one hope for salvation — Giles. R
Less Than Temporary
Oz covers Giles with a lack of permanence. PG-13
Album Collection
"Either I'm borrowing all your albums or I'm moving in." G
And The Band's Name Is
Oz has a new band. Giles knows one thing about it. G
"Okay, most people would make a joke about drugs now, but, seriously, truly, he liked to bake." G
The Big House
Giles, Oz, Xander, and Wesley are arrested. Oops. PG-13
The Collection
Giles and Oz do what all couples do — merge a collection. PG
Forgetting Lessons Learned
Giles should have learned his lesson with Olivia. G
Life During Wartime
Giles and Oz, brief moments between battles in the Wishverse. PG
Over Swedish Meatballs
Giles and Oz buy curtains. Devon finds out something else. PG-13
Postcard Collection
Giles had one particular collection. G
Sarongs And Memories
Giles is invited to Oz's pool party. PG-13
Despite the noise, Oz could sleep. G
Sweet Head
Giles and Oz share a moment. PG
Venus In Fur
The gang remembers the day Oz came back. PG
The telephone almost brings them together. PG-13
Calluses And Scars
"Every time, it hurts." G
Dear Boy
"There are words Giles doesn't use..." G
Dismantle The Sun
It's not that Giles is waiting. PG-13
Not Like The Movies
"In porn, it's never this messy." NC-17
Pacific Coast Highway
"All night Oz drives north." G
Packing Up
"Giles' life needs to fit into a 20'x20' steel crate." PG
"Three mornings a month Giles wakes very early." PG-13
The Purpose Of Photographs
All afternoon he's been pinpricked with anticipation. PG-13
Singing And Other Nice Things
Giles knows lots of stuff. NC-17
Truck Stop
"They've never dared go to a restaurant together." G
Unaccommodated Man
Of monsters and men. NC-17
The torturer has everything now. PG
Wednesday Afternoon
Something's going to happen today. PG-13
Wild Nights
"On the nights he spends alone, Giles longs for storms." G
Words And Flesh
"They never used to read in bed." PG
The Wrong Ending
"This is the wrong ending." PG
Not So As You'd Notice
"It turns out Oz has this thing about boats." PG
Library Science Jargon That Sounds Dirty
"Giles walls himself in, day by day, one dusty book at a time." PG
Northern Lad
"He never really had Oz." G
The Piano Has Been Drinking
"He can't find Daniel with a Geiger counter and the piano has been drinking." PG
Till I Break
"He is well trained." PG
Payment In Kind
Oz makes good use of Giles' vinyl collection. PG
Oz comes to a realization. Luckily, Giles is there to help him. NC-17
Brave New World
What a world Oz lives in. R
The Last Time
"When he shows up on the doorstep, it's a surprise." R
One Such Story
"Most nights in bed, when the sheets collected in small breaking waves around their ankles..." PG-13
"Oz had never really considered Latin sexy..." NC-17
An American Werewolf In Westbury
There's a bad naughty moon rising... NC-17
Princess Twilite
A moment on the other side of Oz. A moment on the inside. PG-13
A moment unguarded. PG-13
Everybody's Got A Secret, Sonny
You are not a good man. NC-17
Prophecy Girl
Tara, Oz, and Giles help Dawn figure out who she is. PG
Puca Dentata
Viral Misery
Oz returns to Giles not well at all. R
Sarah T.
Carpe Diem
Oz keeps panicking. PG
Giles tries to barter. PG-13
Messengers Of Grey
Oz prowls in London. R
Til It Bleeds Daylight
Giles. Oz. The Wishverse. "People have tried." R
Selena Ulrich
Twisted Partings
Oz searches for a new life. R
Sheila Perez
Bleeding By Numbers
Giles and Oz had something, once. PG
Daylight Fading
Oz and Giles had something, once. Companion piece to Bleeding By Numbers. PG
Space And Time
Oz plans to leave town, but before he can go, Giles has to talk to him. PG
World Without End
In an alternate universe, Oz is owned. Body, heart, and soul. R
Oz searches for a new way. NC-17
Oz comes back for Giles. Traveler. NC-17
Boundaries and ground rules are laid. Traveler. NC-17
Daylight and twilight with vampires. Traveler. NC-17
Oz exists in the in-between. Traveler. NC-17
Hail, Hail
The importance of a well-rounded education. Traveler. NC-17
The consequences. Traveler. NC-17
In Quiet Moments
Two people come together. G
Animal Instincts
Oz wakes up one morning wanting more. NC-17
Wax Jism
I Belong To You
Giles owns more than just his bed. NC-17
A Home Coming
Giles returns home. R