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"So, Cola asked me to move in with him/"

The two women facing Gothic froze, twin expressions of trepidation on their faces.

"Well, that's...nice." Champagne said finally.

"I'm not really sure what to do about it."

"Oh." Champagne's gaze flickered to Flaxen and she put a warning hand on Gothic's arm. "I'm not sure that...we're the best people to ask about such things."

Gothic nodded and looked apologetic. "I know, but I don't know who to ask, because most of my friends know him."

Flaxen cleared her throat and gave Gothic a Botox enhanced smile. "Gothic, love, you know I have issues about your dating your friend, but I...are you in love with him?" She stumbled slightly over the pronoun.

"You could just pretend he's a girl."

Flaxen shook her head. "No, because then I would have to insist that you got married to her before you moved in together. I still am disappointed that you lived with Misty for so long. Really, Gothic."
She waved her hand dismissively when he began to protest. "That's neither here nor there. It's not like I have no experience with this sort of thing, everyone knows that Natural Red likes his stableboys young and pretty for a reason..."

"Mother!" Champagne sniffed delicately. "Mrs. Natural Red happens to be on the art museum charity I'm chairing."

"Like there's anything natural about her..." Gothic chipped in and they all laughed nastily, bonded momentarily in patrican glee.

"Hmm, very true. However, going back to the subject at hand. Gothic, you surely know that your father can't find out about this...affair. Moving in with your friend would make it that much harder to keep it a secret. People will notice, Gothic, some of our friends live in the same apartment building as you."

"It's not an affair," he said earnestly. "You two have met him, you saw what he was like. I'm in love with him."

Flaxen made a small, heartbroken noise and looked down at the table. "Oh. Oh. I...He is a nice young man. Even I could see that, even with the way I feel about you and this."

"I told you, Gothic, I told you and you didn't listen," his sister said fiercely. "I told you it would break Mother's heart."

I knida like this. Flaxen understands Champagne, she grew up the way Flaxen raised her. Gothic hasn't at all. He has the photography thing, and the bi thing, and she can't make sense of him. He's her baby boy. It's why she can be so emotional about this and so cold about gothic's dad's affair and lovechild. She doesn't care as much, and she stopped caring a long time ago. Her mother had the same arrangement with her father, and so on and so on.

Katie Vieceli/6/25/2002 01:21:53 AM

Added a new episode up today. We keep on taking our time with the stories, but we're definitely working on them -- you better believe that.

Kate /6/24/2002 06:23:05 AM/#

written by Katie and Kate

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