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Oh to be at work today, because I have four new pictures of boxes to put up...

Kate /12/30/2001 05:20:53 AM/#


A few musings about Cola and Gothic.

Gothic is a huge dork. A HUGE dork. It has become much eaiser to write him after I realised this. He is a dork who was lucky enough to be born in a good looking, rich body. He's a little bit vain and arrogant, and he gets petulant when things don't work out his way, but there's a huge undercurrent of dork running through him. He's like a little boy, and he wants approval, but who he wants it from changes quickly.

This is why he and Cola mesh so well. Cola also is a bit of a dork--more of a geek, really, but he also has a very mature streak running through him that comes from growing up with Rum. He's also a diehard romantic, which is amusing to write.

That's it!

Katie Vieceli/12/18/2001 01:11:26 AM/#

"What's wrong, Blaze?" Roast inquired softly, her words lightly tinged with a French accent. She kissed the redhead's shoulder and smiled against the soft skin. "You seem distracted."

"This new case..." Blaze turned so she was facing Roast and propped herself up on an elbow. I can't figure out a way to nail this guy.

He's a real asshole, Roast. He should be held responsible for her death, but there's just not enough evidence right now." She sighed.
"It's just very frustrating."

Roast smiled. "You shouldn't think of it, then. You're not at work, now. Also," she said, smirking. "you've just banged a hot French
chick, as you say."

Blaze laughed and rolled over onto Roast. "Your accent makes it sound so classy."

"Hmmm... Shall I tell you a secret, then?" She smiled up at Blaze dreamily.

"Go ahead, hit me with it."

"On the other hand, no. You will find out soon enough."

"That's not fair," Blaze whined, rolling off Roast. She settled into her pillow petulantly. Roast followed her, throwing a leg over her

"Well, then, I'll tell you another secret to make up for it, shall I? I'm in love with you." She smiled a sad slow smile when Blaze's jaw dropped. "Perhaps...perhaps you were not ready for that one."

Katie Vieceli/12/18/2001 01:02:37 AM/#

More Misty and Rum in New York.

Rum pulled a cigarette out of his shirt pocket. "I don't think blonde suits you." He lit the cigarette with a flourish and smiled at Misty.

"It's a wig, numbskull." She pulled the offensive thing off her head. "Are you ready to go?"

"Yup. Everything taken care of."

"Good." She began to gather all of her things into a black bag.

"So how's it feel to get your first cover?" He fell into step beside her as she stalked out of the room.

"Fucking great. Although..." She showed him the tag on the top she had liberated from the shoot.

"Cherry Cola...," Rum read aloud. "Son of a bitch," he said bitterly. "You really can't shake him, can you? Though he has his uses."

"Like what?" She laughed. "I suppose I could ask Gothic about that, if I ever decide to speak to him again."

"Well, there is that...but what I meant was this..." He held up a credit card. "He doesn't know I have this one yet, it's his emergency one. Care to dine on my darling brother's tab?"

Katie Vieceli/12/15/2001 12:23:41 AM/#



It's Cola!

Katie Vieceli/12/15/2001 12:04:31 AM/#

"They're not doing that...." Rose's jaw dropped. "They just...can't be..."

Cherry chuckled softly in her ear and put a hand over Rose's eyes. "Now you can't see them, so they can't be doing it..."

"That doesn't make any sense, Cherry. They're still, you know, doing it!"

"Mmm..." Cherry nodded and flicked her tongue along Rose's collarbone. "It was kind of hot, wasn't it?" She paused, then giggled. "Though, I'm sure that's not what they were trying to say with the piece. I'm sure it was..." She dropped a soft kiss on Rose's ear. "...a highly metaphysical piece about..." One of her hands droppped down to Rose's hipbone. "...merging of the light and dark of human nature."

"Cherry..." Rose hissed. "Someone might see..."

"Rose." Cherry replied levelly. "No one is looking at us with Velvet and Star up there doing what they're doing." One of her hands slipped underneath the hem of Rose's shirt and traced a shivery pattern on her stomach. "C'mon, you look so good in that outfit... and it's dark..."

"Cherry..." the other girl said softly and moved back against her. "We have to be careful."

"You have to be careful , you mean..."

"I guess... mmm..." Rose's answer was cut off as Cherry cupped her chin and pulled her into a kiss.

Katie Vieceli/12/13/2001 12:50:16 AM/#

So yesterday was my birthday and stuff. yay for it being my birthday, I suppose. Then I bought the first transgendered character for Dyes. And I was happy. But then I tried to plan out what I wanted to do with next Dyes and I was sad. I couldn't figure out what to put in. I know I NEED to put in some stuff with Venus and Camel. (Most probably Camel), but then, what else?

No clue.

On a better note, I found Cola in a magazine. Or rather, I found the model who is Cola in amagazine. He was in Flaunt this month. He gets killed with a gin bottle. That's quality, right there. I'll try to put up the picture as soon as I can.

Katie Vieceli/12/7/2001 12:15:45 PM/#

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