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"Aaagh! God dammit!"

Blondie pulled the door shut behind him. "What's wrong? God, you're noisy."

Gothic ground his teeth together. "you just ruined one of my rolls of film."

"Sorry." Blondie shrugged as he felt his way over to the developing table. "At least it was only one."

"One too many." Gothic sighed and went back to stirring the tubs of water. "So what do you want? Are Cola and Spice still cutting patterns?"

"No, they've segued into talking about me." He shrugged. "I know I'm fascinating, but really.."

"They just like to talk," Gothic said absentmindedly."it's how they are."

Katie Vieceli/11/26/2001 01:41:07 AM/#

I think it would be fun to have a little spinoff of Misty's adventures in New York. Now that she's going to become famous, she won't be quite as mean. We'll be able to see the real Misty, and maybe find out some stuff about her. I see her as being a Vietnam war baby-half Vietnamese, half black. Her mother was a nurse during the war or something, and she came back with a kid... Her mom's mom did not approve of this, and therefore Misty got treated like shit throughout her childhood, while Currant, who was the daughter of her mom's late husband, was treated like a princess.

Also, this ties into Gothic having a total Asian fetish. Hey, Gothic grew up a little, so now it's Misty's turn...

and maybe one other person...

"Hey..." Someone sat down in the chair next to Misty. She swore under her breath.

"What do you think you're doing? If I wanted someone to sit next to me.." She looked up into the newcomer's face. "Rum?"

"Nice to see you haven't changed."

"Are you stalking me, you little fucker?"

"Nah.." Rum stared off into the distance. "Maybe I'm in love with you and I wanted to be with you." He looked at her and winked. "Or maybe not."

It could happen.

Katie Vieceli/11/26/2001 01:35:26 AM/#

Misty opened her datebook and looked at the envelope that was there fondly. It was the seventeenth time she'd done it; eighteenth actually, if you wanted to count this time. She smiled, her eyes dfiting shut as she imagined herself on the cover of Vogue. Or maybe Harper's Bazaar. Not quite as good as Vogue, but if it was good enough for Meg Ryan, it was damn well good enough for her. So fuck her mother, and fuck Currant, and fuck every stupid beauty pageant she'd had to watch her sister win.

She sighed happily and smoothed out her forehead with her fingertips. It wouldn't do to start getting wrinkles right before her big appointment with Molten Ginger. She could just picture it now. She'd walk in the door and Ginger would stumble back in awe at her beauty. She recrossed her legs and fidgeted a little in the hard waiting room chair.

"He's running a little late," the secretary said apologetically.

"It's okay. I can wait as long as it takes."

The secretary lifted an eyebrow. "You must be new in town. You haven't lost that sheen of innocence."

Misty snorted derisively. "Oh, I have, trust me. I'm just in a really good mood right now." She lowered her sunglasses and favored the other woman with an ice cold smile. "If you knew how I originally planned to get this appointment..." She laughed. "You'd definitely take that statement back."

"Now I'm intrigued. My name is Opal. I'd shake your hand, but..." She gestured at the phone. "I don't dare leave that untaken care of."

"Misty. It's probably for the best anyway. I just got a manicure."

"Misty? Midnight Mist?" Misty nodded. "Oh...Spice's uh, not exactly friend..."

"Enemy, more like it."

"Well, you know..." Opal looked down at her desk. "I don't really know Cola, so I can't really say I have an opinion on it, and you seem kind of nice..."

Misty smirked. "You must be new in town. You haven't lost that sheen of innocence yet."

Opal's face fell. "You can really tell? "Misty nodded. "And I thought I was disguising it so well..."

"How old are you?"

"Twenty-one. But usually I tell people I'm 23, so don't blow my cover, okay?"

Katie Vieceli/11/26/2001 01:25:22 AM/#

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