Xander Woke Up Gay...Again
by Kate

Xander woke up gay. Again. He looked around and saw that he wasn't in his bed, but in someone else's bed. Giles' bed. And it felt good.

He climbed out of the bed, leaving Giles asleep, and strolled to the shower nude, humming along with the radio in his head.

He got into the shower, the water as hot as he could tolerate, still singing. The shampoo bottle became his microphone as he sang. "Like a virgin....touched for the very first time..." He put the bottle down as he scrubbed his hair, then reached for the soap. "Like a virrrrrrrginnn...with your heartbeat...next to mine...." He washed over his body, taking special care with his "like a virgin" ass. God, if he knew how much fun Giles could be in bed, he would have done that a long time ago...what was stopping him? Oh yeah, Cordelia. He shrugged and rinsed off the suds.

He grabbed a towel and dried off quickly, still humming and singing. He quietly opened the door and looked at Giles, still peacefully asleep in his bed, then grabbed his clothes. "You're so fine...and you're mine...I'll be yours...'till the end of time..." he sang quietly as he dressed. Within a matter of minutes (having taken extra time due to buttons actually being on his shirt), he went down to the kitchen.


The kitchen was...well, let's face it, a proper Englishman's kitchen, which means it didn't have much. Xander rustled about in the fridge, the cupboard, the counter, and wherever else Giles had randomly stuck food items. Xander went about his work cheerfully, because, as Snow White sang, "Whistle while you work".

That struck him as a good idea and he started humming and singing again, changing his tune. "So hum a merry tune...It won't take long when there's a song to help you set a pace..." He cracked the eggs against the bowl and began to swish them around. "And as you sweep the room...imagine that the broom...is someone that you love ..." He added pepper and other spices to the eggs. "And soon you'll find you're dancing to the tune..."

He put butter in the frying pan and set it on the stove, making sure the gas was at the proper level. After a few seconds, he poured the eggs in, still singing. After cracking his voice a few times on the high notes, he decided to switch songs. It took him just a second to find a new one.


Giles awoke to the smell of cooking food. He lifted his head slowly, trying to pull a thought through his sleep-scrambled head, then dropped his head back onto the pillow as he remembered. Oh yeah. The "spell" to make Xander "not gay". He heard a faint singing coming from the kitchen and knew that it failed. Miserably. "Poor Cordelia," he muttered to himself. He sat up, then shrugged. "But I'm sure she'll survive." He grabbed his robe and made his way down to the kitchen.

Quite a sight was awaiting him in the kitchen. Xander, dressed only in his jeans, was standing in front of the stove, singing to himself and shaking his scrumptious little ass along with the song. "I hope you...that you've been checking me...I know what you're talking about...I've been tripping over my own damn feet...you got me bugging boy...you bring me so much joy...you've got me open boy...I'll save myself just for you..."

Giles openly stared for a few minutes, taking in the image of a half-naked eminently shaggable Xander singing to himself and dancing around while making breakfast. And, good God, was it a good image. Giles momentarily wondered if he had died during the night and gone to Heaven, but then he remembered that in Heaven, men didn't get hard-ons from watching young men shaking their hips. He was still in the mortal realm. Damn. He coughed, alerting Xander to his arrival.

Xander turned around, grinning. "Giles!" he said happily. He held up the frying pan. "Want bacon in your omelet?"

Giles frowned. "You cook?"

Xander nodded. "Just this. So, cheese, bacon, or just egg?"

"Um...all three..." Giles said. "I believe I worked up an appetite last night."

Xander chuckled as he added the bacon and cheese. "Yeah, I guess de-virginizing eighteen-year-olds would do that to any man." He continued to cook the omelet, and started humming again. "I must confess...that my loneliness...is killing me now...don't you know I still believe..."

Giles watched him for a few more minutes, then spoke up. "You've been....quite musical recently."

"Don't know what to say, G-Man," Xander said, still moving those utterly munchable hips around. "I've just been in a damn good mood recently." He slid the omelet onto a plate and turned to face Giles. "Breakfast?" he said, holding up the plate.

Giles took the plate, then set it on the table. "Later." He wrapped his hands around Xander's waist and pulled the younger man to him. "I think I want something else first."

Xander smiled and continued singing. "Hit me baby one more time..."

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Songs are: "Like a Virgin"-Madonna, "Whistle While You Work"-Snow White & The Seven Dwarves Soundtrack, "Trippin'"-Total, and "Baby One More Time"-Britany Spears.

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