Things Look Swell
by Pilar

Pacey woke up gay. The sun shone through the sheet hung in front of his window.

I really need to get some curtains for that.

He rolled off the couch and felt the nifty spring in his step. Practically skipping out to the porch, he stretched out his arms and welcomed the bright morning, marveled at the grey-blue ocean. It was a beautiful day, sun flaming onto the sand. Sitting peacefully, he dug his toes into the soft grains and leaned back on his hands.

We should really add some flower boxes out here... They would look fabulous against the sea and the sky. We need to add some color to this palette.

With a lightness in his step, he retreated back into the beach house and showered, whistling a happy tune all the while, dancing a little jig as the warm water rushed over his skin.

"Oops, I did it again..."


"Hey, Jo. God, isn't it the most wonderful day!" Pacey kissed her on both cheeks all European style and looped his arm through hers, walking in the direction of Capeside High School.

"Yeah, Pace. It's just peachy." Her voice was tinged with acerbic sarcasm. "What's with you, anyway? You look like you stepped straight out of some heinous 50s universe!"

"Oh, Joey. I didn't step straight out of anything. Can't a guy wake up on the right side of the bed for a change? You know, not everything has to be filled with melodrama and angst all the time." He rolled his eyes at her in mock-exhaustion.

"Please, Pacey." She mugged at him, worrying at her lower lip, as she was apt to do. "Spare me the happy-go-lucky routine today. You do realize that we're going to have to face Dawson with the truth about us soon, don't you? I mean, our lives are filled with melodrama and angst. This is Capeside! We're in a love triangle! How much more melodramatic can you get???"

Oh, sweet self-awareness -- really takes the life out of being a teenager sometimes.

Pacey wasn't going to allow her to bring him down again, not this time. This time, he was far too happy to listen to her bitch and moan. Entering the bright yellow halls of Capeside, he dropped her arm and ran to his first class in time for the first bell.



"Hey Mr. Leery, you wanted to see me?"

Pacey had been called to the office of his guidance counselor and best friend's father, Mitch Leery. He'd always wondered how Mr. Leery had made the transition from unemployment to football coach to guidance counselor all in the span of a year and a half; it was nonsensical. But hell, it also gave an average guy like Pacey something to look forward to. He'd make a great football coach, and if Mr. Leery could do it without having any locker room experience, so could he.

"Thanks for coming, Pacey. I wanted to let you know that your midterm grades are in and it looks like you're finally going to be a senior with the rest of your class. You should be proud of yourself, you did it!" Mitch sat on the corner of his desk, his legs spread and his loafer-clad feet swinging inches from the floor.

A tremendous grin inched its way over Pacey's face. The best day had gotten even better. He would never have believed it was possible.

Leaping to his feet, he wrapped his arms around Mr. Leery and squeezed him tight. "This is great, Mr. Leery! I'm so glad that I'm going to graduate on time!"

Mitch gave him a manly couple of slaps on the back and Pacey sat back in the chair opposite the large administrative desk. His head swished with the excitement of this fabulous news.

"Now you just have to keep up the good work for the rest of the year, get those college applications submitted and you'll be on your way. You did good, Pacey."

"I did good." His goofy grin was impenetrable. "You know, Mr. Leery, all that football practice has really done wonders for your body. I mean... You've always been... but... well... you know what I mean." He felt a flush take his cheeks but the huge smile remained.

A knock at the office door broke the slightly uncomfortable moment.

"Hi, Joey. I was just telling Pacey the good news, come on in. No doubt his academic achievements this term are at least partly your doing?"

Joey Potter's downswung mood was clearly intrinsic to her entire being. She smiled that crooked half-smile and sat on the edge of Pacey's chair. "Why didn't you just tell me that this morning, Pacey? You made me think that Donna Reed had taken over your body or something."

"I just found out, isn't it fabulous!"

"It's great, Pacey." She turned back towards Mr. Leery. "He has been the biggest freak all day, this morning he practically skipped up to me, kissed me on both cheeks and started going on and on about the day. Really, you should have seen him, Mr. Leery. I hardly recognized him."

Pacey's smile fell a bit towards the floor, but not too far.

"Joey, did you need something? Because I have a few other things that I need to discuss with Pacey before we're through here." Mitch flashed a secret smile towards Pacey, just small enough for him to recognize it.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I was actually just looking for Pacey so I could harass him, but it'll keep. I'll see you after school, Pace." Her hair whipped behind her as she made for the door.

"Later, Jo." He turned his attention back to Mr. Leery, Dawson's dad. Mitch. "Thanks, Mr. Leery." His brighter smile had returned full-force.

"You know, Pacey. We've known each other for so long. You can call me Mitch. Especially when we're alone like this."

They were alone.

In a small room. With a big desk.

"Thanks, Mitch."

"You know, Pacey. I was disappointed that you didn't at least try out for football this year, with those arms you could throw the ball across the field in a second. You should think about maybe next term... Between now and then, we could practice together. I could show you a few tricks, teach you the rules."

"Really, Mr-- Mitch? You think?"

He looked at his own biceps and then back to Mitch's, crossed over his chest like strong trunks.

"Yeah, I do."

I'm Gay!