small town girls




You Want Her
by Michelle K.

You can't keep your eyes off of her. That's always been true, but it's never been more valid than at this moment. "Lana," you mutter, seeing her lips close around your nipple before you feel it. And, God, do you feel it, wet and warm and beyond anything you've imagined.

You want her.

Her tongue dips into your belly button, soft and experimental. You inhale sharply, making your stomach recoil. She looks up at you and smiles that perfect Lana-esque grin.

You're scared about what this means -- most of all, you're terrified that it means nothing. Still, you return her smile, refuse to show your fear.

You want her.

You part your legs, not caring that your thighs are shaking. Not caring that everything is spinning around you as her breath falls against your sex.

Her tongue slips inside you, exploring you. She seems sure, although she told you she's never done this before. Maybe she's just thought about this as much as you have.

That thought makes you gasp. But it's her mouth that makes you moan, the addition of her fingers that makes your body shake. You bite your lip to keep in the sound. "Oh...oh," you mutter as you come down, the explosion of your orgasm dulling into tiny ripples across your body. You look down at her. She's resting her head on your stomach, hair brushing against your skin.

"Come here," you utter. You can barely think, but one sentiment stays in your head.

You want her.

She slides up your body; her flesh is as warm as your own. Gently, she takes you into her arms. It surprises you that she's really as sweet as she seems. Even when you put on your Lana-colored glasses, you always suspected she's not as nice once you get to know her. You've pictured her being bitchy and horrible to those really close.

Now, you like to think you're close. And she's just as tender and caring as everyone thinks.

You like that about her. Maybe you'll even grow to love that about her. Everything about her.

You want her.

You roll her onto her back. You press your lips against hers, let your hand move to her breast. You're going to make her enjoy this. Then, you'll make her stay the night in your bed. Maybe later, if you're lucky, you'll make her fall in love with you.

You kiss her neck, hear her mutter your name like it's a prayer.

You want her.

Finally, you have her.