small town girls




What She'll Do
by Michelle K.

11:00 p.m.

And she's in front of a computer, slaving over the Torch.

Chloe thinks that this level of obsession could be considered pathetic, but she's gotten used to being less than perfect.

She knows she'll never be the flawless sort - - the type of girl who's bright and sunny and incredibly nice. She'll never be like - -


She's surprised to see the other girl in her office - - particularly considering that she was just thinking about her.

Granted, thinking about Lana isn't exactly unique. But, still, her presence is unexpected.

"How long have you been standing there?" Chloe continues.

"About thirty seconds," Lana says with a smile. "And hello to you, too."

Chloe smiles back, although her grin isn't nearly as easy as Lana's. For Lana is naturally an easier sort. Plus, she doesn't quite know why Lana is here - sudden appearances aren't always tied to the good. Lana seems happy, though, so she assumes the reason can't be bad. But Chloe still feels nervous. "I'm sorry. Hello, Lana."

"Hello, Chloe." She pauses, then holds up a bag. "I was working, well - ending work - and decided to bring you some coffee, since I figured you'd still be here. And you are."

Chloe thinks she senses a hint of nervousness in Lana's own demeanor, and she wonders why this shared tension exists. She has an idea, but she's not going to say it. There are a lot of things she will say, granted - but accusing Lana Lang of being infatuated with her is not one of them.

"Thanks," Chloe says, accepting the coffee despite the fact that she already has her own.

"So, what are you working on?" Lana asks as she sits down next to the other girl.

"I'm investigating the school's link to a crime syndicate." Off Lana's skeptical look, she says, "Fine. I'm reworking an article about the latest school play."

"That's important, too."

"Of course. This is how all the great investigative reporters started. Mike Wallace's profile on his high school's production of 'Hello Dolly' is still being read today. With an immense amount of awe, I might add."

Lana laughs. "I will admit, it was a great one."

"Second only to a young Ed Bradley's hard-hitting - 'Technicolor Dreamcoat - Myth or Reality?'"

"It got him the job at 60 Minutes, didn't it?"

"Of course. And this article will do the same for me."

Chloe stares at the computer, although she can't quite focus on the words. She can feel Lana's eyes on her, watching her.

She likes it.

She turns to Lana, surprised to find the brunette leaning towards her. She's even more surprised that she finds herself pulling away. Because she wants Lana to kiss her. But she's not sure that's what Lana wants. She could be leaning forward to get a pen for all Chloe knows.

Then, a soft hand brushes against her cheek. And she doubts that Lana is looking for a writing utensil.

Chloe stays still, lets Lana touch the side of her face. "What are we doing?" she asks.

"I..." She pauses, as if searching for the right words. "I...I think you know," Lana says softly.

Then, Lana's kissing her. And Chloe definitely knows what's happening.


It'll start off slow. Or, at least they'll say they should start off slow. But that promise will be broken, as all of those types of promises are.

They won't be able to keep their hands off of each other, and they won't even try.

And they'll fall in love. The kind of crazy, beautiful love that makes you forget everything else. And they will forget about everything else for a while, blissfully ignoring considerations about what others will think. They'll be lost in their own little world of nights together and days acting like just normal acquaintances.

Chloe'll feel ecstatic, and she'll want to tell Clark and Pete. But she won't know how. She won't know how to say, "I'm in love with a girl. And, by the way, Clark - it's the girl you've been infatuated with for years."

So, she'll keep quiet, only letting Lana know how good she makes her feel.

She'll stay quiet. But it won't last for long. She'll have to tell Clark. And she will, in a soft 'please-don't-hate-me' tone. He'll stare at her, looking at her like a vision of stoicism.

And he'll say, "I already knew. I've seen the way you've been acting together."

She'll be shocked and relieved. And he'll say that he's glad for her. And she'll smile.

The worst won't be out of the way, really, since not everyone will be as accepting as her best friend is. People will see them together and laugh. She'll hear the various mutterings of 'dyke' behind her back. But she'll just shoot a glare at them.

It won't make them stop, but she won't care. Because she'll still have Lana, and everything will still be flawless. She'll become convinced that Lana has super powers, and she'll say that one day.

Lana will reply with, "Making you happy doesn't really denote superhero status."

"You don't know that," Chloe will say.

"Well, if that's true, then you have to be a superhero, too."

And they'll make up a whole stupid story about their various super powers. Then, Chloe will kiss Lana in the middle of her description of the bigoted loser who is their nemesis. And talking won't really be necessary anymore.

And they'll be happy.


But that's tomorrow, and the days after. This is now, and Lana's mouth is still soft and warm against her own.

She's happy.

And she knows that she'll stay that way.