small town girls




Wall Of Chloe
by Amberina

When she first saw Chloe's Wall of Weird, she had been hurt. There she was up there with all the freaks and mutants. It was embarrassing and sickening. She had just been a little girl - a little girl with her parents ripped away from her - and she was up there with the boy that had a leg growing out of the side of his head? Real nice, Chloe.

That had been when she realized that no matter how nice she had been to Chloe, she would always see her as a freak. "Lana's not normal. She wears too much makeup and pink sweaters. She's a cheerleader. Eww. And she can't decide whether she wants Whitney or Clark - she should just choose Whitney so I can have Clark. Because you know I love Clark. Whole big unrequited best-friend crush deal, and Lana-fucking-Lang can't have him!" Okay, maybe that isn't exactly what goes through Chloe's head, but Lana is sure it's somewhere near to what really does. Chloe hated her. All out hated her, she was sure of it.

Sure sometimes she was nice enough, helping her to get the tape of her mother's speech and all, but that didn't mean she took that picture of her down. Nope, it was still up there. Right next to the girl that had glowing cow-spots on her. Right below the baby with electricity pouring out of his fingers. Above the man with the amazing levitation abilities. There was Lana. Always the freak in Chloe's eyes.

Lana wasn't sure why exactly. She had always been nice to her, always went out of her way to be friendly. It didn't matter. The picture was still there.

Lana was convinced that she could give her a kidney, and the picture would still remain. Maybe that was why she was obsessed with her. Lana was obsessed with Chloe Sullivan because Chloe hated her. It was perfectly twisted, but did Lana care? Why should she? Everything was all twisted in Smallville already. She loved Chloe, but Clark loved her, and Chloe loved Clark. Oh, and of course, Lex loved Clark, and Whitney loved her, and then Pete was in love with Chloe. Everything was all so fucking twisted and no one was happy. Maybe none of them were meant to be happy. Maybe they all were destined to wallow in unrequited love angst for the rest of their lives.

But maybe, just maybe Chloe didn't hate her as much as she seemed to, maybe she had just forgotten about the pisture, maybe Chloe actually wanted her. Or maybe the picture was up there for another reason entirely. Maybe it was for the same reason why Lana had her Wall of Chloe, which currently resided under her bed, taped to several posterboards. She used to have it up, but as it grew larger, she took it down as to not make Nell or Whitney or anybody else suspicious.

The Wall of Chloe started with just a couple of photographs - one taken from the ninth grade year book, the other taken at Clark's birthday party. The one from the party was of everyone - but they had been cut out, leaving only Chloe, and then she had that part blown up. That picture took up most of the space on the first posterboard. Now, though, she had six complete posterboards, and a seventh that was nearing completion.

Maybe Chloe actually wanted her and maybe she had forgotten about the picture, but Lana doubted it. So until the picture came down, until she could actually have Chloe, Lana had her own wall.