small town girls




Take Five
by Bastet

It was hot. She'd found a rock, a boulder without much color, and it kept her in the breeze but still.


Over the rise the adults -- her father included -- were drinking beer, hemming and hawing because barbecue no longer seemed like such a good idea. She could have told them it was going to be like this, but no, never trust the girl with the cable internet connection.

Chloe closed her eyes and wished for the ocean.

Prom had come and gone, summer was here, and it wasn't being. The way summer was supposed to be. Boys. There were supposed to be boys.

Waves crashing against the shore and dramatic music, and she should be being swept up in someone's arms. Only.

Too hot. Human touch seemed like another bad idea right now. Clark...was too hot, all by himself, anyway. She tried not to think about that, tried not to sweat more than she already was.

This was boring, and he was probably at Lex's anyway, relaxing.

Or not. She grinned.

Chloe had a few theories about that little situation. Had evidence in the form of everything either of them ever did, like their entire lives were looped around each other. Nice and kind of creepy, but she wasn't jealous. They were meant to be all Catherine and Heathcliff up there in that mansion, forever and permanent, and people like her just weren't part of the equation.

Not jealous at all.

But it was a comfort to know that maybe she just really didn't have what Clark wanted, and she snickered.

"What's so funny?" Lana appeared at her side, holding a bowl. "I thought you might like some ice cream."

"Nothing. Thanks," and she took the offering. Vanilla, not exactly her flavor, and she giggled again.

She really needed to get out of the sun.

Lana just watched her and smiled uneasily. She wasn't even glowing; her skin looked as cool as stone, and Chloe idly wondered what it would be like to be curled on top of her.

She was pretty sure, at this point, that the heat was unavoidable.

"This weather's awful, isn't it?"

The ice cream was already a pool of sickly white. "Disgusting. My hair has wilted," she complained, and lapped from the spoon as best she could.

"It looks fine," Lana protested, amused. "If it's that bad, why don't you go swimming?"

"Is that an option?"

"Down there." Lana motioned to the trees, which had really been too far away to bother with before. "There's a stream."

Chloe slid down, off the rock, leaving the bowl and licking her fingers. "Let's go."

Into the woods, and there was a stream. Not as disgusting as she'd expected -- it looked like something out of a Poland Springs ad. She felt about ready to drown herself, as long as the water she breathed in was cool, and she started pulling off her dress.

"Chloe!" Lana looked like Eve just after the apple, shocked at nakedness.

"What?" She managed to un-stick the fabric from her waist, her chest, and Lana had some serious problems if she couldn't look at another girl in her underwear.

She took that off, too.

"Are you insane?!" Lana's lashes flitted up, then back down to the loam.

"Jesus. It's just skin."

"Put your clothes on!"

"What're you so afraid of?"

"Someone might see!"

"See what?" Chloe asked, exasperated, and then she caught sight of Lana's face and...saw. Oh.

She was annoyed with herself for not having any theories about that by now. Lana's agitation, arms crossed and her eyes gone completely black, hit her hard. She'd never thought, before, that Lana could look like that.

She'd long ago accepted that around Lana, in comparison or from her point of view, she was the girl with silly grins and too-large pores -- the sidekick, not the love interest.

Chloe had never wanted to be a princess anyway. Really. The pink dress was a fluke.

Something she'd wanted to wear, maybe, but in the end she'd thrown on what she was really comfortable in, and gone with Pete. Nothing special, but that was just her, after all.

Though, apparently, Lana didn't think so.

"You..." She swallowed, feeling suddenly very naked. "Wow."

"I'm sorry," Lana breathed, sounding panicked. As if whatever Chloe said could wound her, drive into her and settle there forever. As if Chloe, finally, meant something to one of those people who could make her hot and sick and strange with just one smile.

Neat. "Lana." She stepped closer, touching the edge of Lana's tank top. Brushing skin that was humid and sticky to the touch. Like hers. "It's okay." She leaned in and painted the inside of the other girl's mouth with leftover sugar.

Sweet. "Chloe..."

No waves, no music, no boys, but it was summer nonetheless.