small town girls




Storeroom Dealings
by HumbugGirl

Lana gazed down the length of her body on the chair on which she was ever so slightly slumped with an air of admiration, taking in the way her breasts strained against the pale violet material of her light summer shirt with its delicate pattern of pale flowers and the way her nipples stood in stark relief. Earlier she had been wearing a pair of soft grey trousers but they had long since been discarded and now all she could see was her own glistening thighs and a blonde head working furiously with its tongue to lap up the residue of her cum while using the fingers of one hand to bring Lana to orgasm for a second time.

Moving one hand down Lana laced it into the wealth of blonde hair and pulled Chloe Sullivan's cum covered face from between her legs. Her skin was flushing a brilliant red colour and the reporter drew in long shuddering breaths to counteract the oxygen debt that she had made while pleasuring Lana who knew that the girl would have gone on with her face buried in the sticky sweetness of Lana's sex until she passed out if Lana had not stopped her. She smiled that endearing smile of hers that was a little lop-sided and Lana answered it with one of her own. "You may have a short rest now," she told the blonde and Chloe nodded gratefully, slipping from her submissive kneeling and stretching out stiff legs before her with a slight grimace.

With only a modicum interest Lana watched as the blonde then laid back on the hard floor of Talon's storeroom with a long sigh and then slid a hand down her body and between her legs, quickly bringing herself to orgasm. There was no doubt in Lana's mind that there were no panties obstructing the passage of Chloe's fingers because today Chloe had opted for what Lana liked to term her 'whoring out-fit'. It consisted of a cherry red shoe string strap top that dipped so low that most of the time Lana found herself surprised that the other girl's ample cleavage didn't bounce free. Paired with it was a little black a-line skirt that was so short that the blonde has to be careful that when she bends over she doesn't accidentally expose her underwear to the world and Lana also knew that there were plenty of people out there who wouldn't mind getting an eyeful of Chloe Sullivan's underwear. Of course Chloe didn't wear underwear with this particular outfit and Lana found the idea more than a little bit erotic.

It was in this outfit that she had first come across the sight of Chloe bent over Lex Luthor's desk, her face pressed into it's fine hardwood surface, while the man in question pounded into her from behind and the blonde grunted and mewed, making positively animalistic noises as he did it. The look on Lex's face had been absolutely impassioned. And it was that day when Lana Lang had discovered something wonderfully shocking about Chloe as she hid in the shadows and watched their fabulously abandoned coupling -- Chloe liked to be told what to do. In fact being ordered around actually seemed to turn the other girl on.

And in turn that idea turned Lana on; although at first she had been dismayed to find that it was the case.

They never knew that she had seen them though, Lana made sure of it and then one night after a suitable length of time when the two girls were alone at Talon after closing Lana had broached the subject. Chloe had flushed a brilliant shade of red and immediately said in desperate, pleading tones, "Please Lana, don't tell anyone else. Lex said no one else should know and besides, I think I would simply die if it got out."

To this response Lana had simply raised her eyebrows and while reaching across the short distance between them to play with the collar of the other's girl shirt she had met her eyes and in playful tones asked, "What do I get for keeping quiet?"

Chloe's eyes widened and her lips parted ever so slightly in surprise. Glancing down she had stared hard at Lana's hand and the way in which it was now lightly pressed against her breast, slowly teasing the flesh there. Underneath her palm Lana felt a rapid hardening of the girl's nipple that was mirrored almost immediately by her own. After a long shuddering breath Chloe shook her head, "No, I couldn't possibly..." There was no conviction to her voice though and the way in which her eyes roamed over Lana's body had been more than enough encouragement for the other girl to step closer to her and capture the blonde's lips in a harsh little kiss that she enjoyed thoroughly.

"Go down on me Chloe Sullivan," she whispered into the reporter's ear. "I want to feel that talented tongue of yours."

So Chloe had become her bitch, her own little slut who would gladly spread her legs for Lex Luthor when he wanted her and who came running every time that Lana whistled in order to protect her secret. Lana had no idea whether Lex knew or even cared that the blonde teenager he was fucking was also going down on her friend regularly; by his reaction to her presence though Lana was guessing that he did not know. It was reassuring to know; Lana wasn't certain that she wanted Lex knowing what she had been up to. There was no doubt in Lana's mind that he could put an immediate stop to it if he wished and that was something that she definitely didn't want. Plus they had been playing this game for nearly six months now and Lana was almost entirely positive Chloe would be reluctant to give up their little session as well.

A hand was making small circle on her leg and it brought Lana's attention back down to Chloe. She smiled sweetly at the girl on the floor who was looking back up at her with lust filled eyes.

Keeping her eye steady on her pet Lana reached into her satchel bag, searching silently until her hand grasped what she wanted. "I have a present for you for being such a good little girl," she told her and slowly drew out a long, very erect strap-on dildo covered in fine black leather courtesy of the internet.

"Oh Mistress," Chloe breathed coming to her knees again, unable to take her eyes from the cock which was easily nine inches long, perhaps even a little more, in front of her. On her face Lana could see a mixture of anticipation and pure and simple fear at the length of width of the thing.

It brought a flush of pleasure to Lana's body and she stood quickly, fastening the straps almost painfully hard about her naked slim hips and settling the nubbin of the dildo that was intended for her pleasure between her legs. She let of a hissing gasp of pleasure as it rubbed against her clit. Settling back onto the chair she herself was astonished suddenly at the almost obscene size the thing seemed to possess but she quickly dismissed any doubts she had forming about using the thing on the nervous girl before her and turned to Chloe and said, "Strip."

The blonde quickly reached for the bottom of her t-shirt and yanked it over her head. Her breasts bounced and quivered against the cruel confines of her black lace bra and Chloe snapped it undone, letting the beautiful mounds of flesh swing free. Next she attacked her skirt, almost ripping it from her heated body that was now speckled with goose-bumps of excitement. Finally she was left stood before Lana in nothing but her long black boots and with a thatch of straw coloured pubic hair already glistening between her legs.

Meanwhile Lana had begun to stroke the dildo, rocking it against the sensitive flesh at its base. Pausing she said, "Play with yourself but don't you dare let yourself cum," then watched as Chloe's hand descended once again between her thighs. The mixture of pleasure and pain on Chloe's face was clearly evident and delicious to watch as she brought herself again and again to the brink of orgasm only to deny herself of it at last moment. Lana teased herself with the thought of that soft grasping pussy and pushed herself into ecstasy with it while Chloe could do nothing but look on with jealousy.

"Let me see your hand," Lana said finally and seeing the white juices coating Chloe's nimble fingers she invited her to wrap them around the cock and work them into the leather. It was delicious to watch Chloe work the dildo, almost as if it were a real cock and feel the actions translate into sensations against her own sex. Seeing the effect her actions were having Chloe pumped harder until she once again brought her Mistress to orgasm.

When Lana's breathing had returned to normal she looked up into the expectant eyes of the blonde and said, "You may mount me."

Cautiously, perhaps still a little afraid Chloe straddled Lana's thighs and began to lower herself onto the huge dildo. From the expression on the blonde's face Lana could tell that the process was at least a little painful. The wide erect strap-on stretched the small girl's walls to the limits of their endurance and she was soon arching her back and breathing heavily while crying out that she couldn't take anymore. Lana felt anger bubble in her veins as the ungrateful little bitch. The cock was nowhere near fully inside the blonde's and in a moment passion she slapped Chloe's face bringing tears to the girl's eyes and then slammed her hands down on the girl's shoulders, forcing the dildo deeper inside her tight passage.

Chloe screamed as she found herself fully sheathing the dildo and tried to pull away only causing them both to topple from the chair. Lana landed in a position of dominance and quickly grabbed the other girl's wrists. Holding them at Chloe's sides she began to thrust the full length of the faux penis in and out of the blonde's wonderfully slick and swollen cunt. Her pet was crying now, sweet tears rolling down her cheeks as she tossed her head from side to side and begged Lana to stop while all the while grunting in pleasure with each new violent thrust.

All the while electric shocks of pleasure ran through her body as well as with each thrust the dildo ground against her own nubbin causing Lana to dig her nails into Chloe's flesh as she refused to let herself come until her precious bitch had. Finally, when Lana had all but given up Chloe's back arched and she let out one final guttural cry before her entire body began to shake with almost frightening ferocity. Lana collapsed on top of the girl, still sheathed in her and with her face between the comfortable valley of Chloe's breasts letting her own twitching orgasm flood over her.

Chloe was making small sounds; begging Lana to pull out of her and feeling compassionate the brunette drew out of her although she would much rather have remained buried inside and watched the discomfort flit across her pet's features and fell her writhe her body beneath her for longer. There were traces of blood coating the dark leather but Lana shook it off without another thought. Her pet would heal, she always did. Absently Lana undid the straps only half noticing the deep bruising the straps had left on her flesh. She beckoned to Chloe then and the girl came towards her with a submissive expression painted on her features. Laying back and resting her head on her bag Lana took Chloe into her arm and the other girl curled her body around her lover's; resting her head on Lana's breast.

In the near perfect silence of the room Lana heard Chloe mutter, "Mistress, love, Mistress," and then her eyes drooped shut and sleep slipped over her battered and bruised body.

Staring up at the darkened ceiling Lana felt a small smile drift over her lips then closed her eyes.