small town girls




Predator: Nicodemus Style
by Homerun Superhero

Woke up this morning and ever since, I've felt strangely liberated. Like all doors are open for me to walk through and nothing is there to stop me.

This outfit I'm wearing, it's been hidden at the back of my closet for a while now. It was a spontaneous purchase, but I was never gutsy enough to wear it out. I'm Lana Lang, cute and girly -- well, yesterday maybe. Today, I'm unleashing the inner-Lana as Chloe would say. The sassy, sexy inner-me.

I can hear their gasps and see their stares as I prowl down the hall.

Yeah, people, lap it up. Lap. It. Up.

Whitney's up ahead. I guess he'll have to do until I find Clark. It's always fun to play a tease. I wish I always felt this brave. But Smallville is, well, small, and reputation is all you have here.

I circle him like a predator checking out its prey. He can't tear his eyes away from me. Who can blame him? I'm hot today. Hell, I'm hot everyday and I know it. But I'm sick of being humble all the time. You're only young once.

"What's the occasion?" Whitney asks.

"Nothing," I tell him. Typical. There has to be an 'occasion' for me to show a little bit of flesh. "I just, uh, thought we'd blow off class today."

"I can't," he utters, "I'm barely keeping ahead."

The rest of our conversation means absolutely nothing to me. Just the part where I tell him it's over. I head towards the Torch office with those words repeating themselves over and over in my mind and it makes me smile.

I feel freer than ever.

Whitney's boring anyway. Maybe I can have some fun with Clark. There's no way he'll be able to brush me off. He adores me.

I step into the Torch office but the only person here is Chloe, who is tapping away on her keyboard as usual. Man, this girl needs to let loose and then some! Work, work, work. She hasn't even realised that I'm standing here watching her.

Y'know, since we've become a regular fixture in each others lives, there's an element about Chloe that stirs something deep inside me. Something truly taboo I guess because I never really admitted it to myself before now, but I knew there was a spark there. I narrowed it down to teenage curiosity, but...

Hm...I wonder...

I take on a seductive pose, leaning against the filing cabinet stood just inside the doorway.

Adjust the cleavage. Give the hair a flip. Take a breath.

"Not going to class, Chloe?"

"No, I'm trying to enhance these photos I-" she finally looks my way and her jaw drops. "-took." A wave of arousal and excitement suddenly flushes through me when I see her eyes lazily sweep up and down my figure. I lock gazes with her.

"What's the matter?"

"I feel as though I should be asking you the same thing," she replies distractedly, "you look...different."

I give Chloe a smile as I saunter into the office and do a catwalk spin for her.

"What d'you think?"

"Um...well, I think, um...something along the lines of wow."

I grin and sit opposite Chloe, leaning in close. Chloe Sullivan, budding journalist extraordinaire, whose vocabulary expands to the magnificent lengths of 'wow' since I walked into the room. She suddenly looks concerned but doesn't back away or anything. Positive sign.

"Aren't you, uh, cold in that?" She swallows hard. Mmm. Sexual tension rising. I knew it. I knew it. I knew it.

"I'm kind of hot, actually." I purr, and she clears her throat squirming a little. I reach forward and touch Chloe's knee. "You seem stressed."

"I am," she replies, sounding a little more defeated than I think she intended. "I mean with all this research and Clarks dad..." She trails off. God, she's so pretty today.

"Listen," I lean in closer, "I know things are rough, but you can't let them get you down."

"Easier said." She rolls her eyes.

"The to take your mind off it," my gaze shifts from her eyes to her lips, back to her eyes. "Let your friends be your friends. Let them be your distraction. Trust them." I squeeze her knee gently for emphasis. "Trust me."

"I trust you, Lana."

Could this get any easier? I was expecting a struggle but Chloe is surprisingly open. I should've trusted my instincts weeks ago! Maybe I can really do this. Maybe I can really seduce...don't get ahead of yourself, Lana.

"Good," I smile broadly and stand up, "then follow me." I grab Chloe's hand, interlacing our fingers and pull her up. I lead her out into the deserted hallway and to the Smallville High swimming pool.

Adrenaline is rushing through me and I'm contemplating the next few phases of my plan. Perhaps I should've thought this through a little more. Seduction is detailed work.

Her hand is warm and fits mine perfectly. I march her up near the diving board and her hold loosens.

"Uh, why are we here?" she asks, her voice amplified by the echo in the room.

"It's quiet."

"And out of bounds would you believe - " Chloe's sentence disintegrates again as I remove my boots, one after the other, as provocatively as I can. I grin at her, daring her to walk away, and I tread to board. "-it."

"Come on, Chloe!" I laugh. "You can't honestly tell me you've never wanted to experience something out of bounds."

"Uh, Lana, I'm feeling really uncomfortable right now." She tries to look away, but she can't. I have those pretty eyes of hers hypnotised.

"And I'm feeling that you need to chill out." I unbuckle my belt, slowly remove it and then I toss it aside.

"Lana, this isn't you."

"Wrong," I reach back to unfasten the attachments of my skirt and I let it fall to my feet, "this is me. All me, in fact." I kick my discarded skirt towards the lovely, gaping blonde girl standing at the edge of the pool and she catches it. She looks at it and nervously throws it behind her. I am so loving every minute of this, every expression on her face, every look in her eyes. I've craved this. I should've gone after Chloe all along, not those silly boys.

"This is insane." She states firmly, pointing at me for emphasis.

"That's the point!" I exclaim. "If life doesn't make you insane, then, uh, why bother living it? I know that's how I want it." Smiling cheekily, I seize the hem of my top and pull it up and over my head. It joins the other items of now superfluous clothing.

I look at her and her gaze burns right through me. Seems that my choice of red lingerie is the cream that's clinched the cat.

"And there's no doubt in my mind that you feel the exact same way."

It appears that Chloe is one speechless kitty. I'm definitely doing something right. I back flip to the end of the board, grin knowingly at my prey, and dive it.

God, I think I'm really going to do this.

I swim to the surface and Chloe looks pleasantly surprised. Obviously she doesn't know I'm a girl with many, many hidden talents. She'll soon find out...

"Cool." Is that all she can say?

"Aren't you gonna join me?"

"I think I can confidently say no to that one," she laughs. I sigh and swim to the side, ascending the steps like maybe one of James Bonds girls would. I walk to Chloe, and look deep into her eyes. They're a mixture of green and blue today. Beautiful.

"I've seen the looks you give me, Chloe." I reach up to tenderly touch the side of her face and she flinches, but doesn't move away. I laugh gently. "There's nothing to be scared of. It's just you and me. Nobody else. The way you want it, right? The way we both want it." I lean in to kiss her, but she flinches again. It's to be expected I guess. I let my hands run through her hair and my skin tingles under its softness. "Relax," I whisper, my voice grazing her chin, "I won't bite."

Not this time, anyway.

Finally, she lets me touch my lips to hers. They're sticky and sweet from the mint gloss she's wearing, and god, so soft. I'm holding back for now; I don't think I'll frighten her away but I don't think that's a risk I want to take. Not when this feels so good. When it feels so...right. I can feel her arms sliding around my waist and I pull her closer. My tongue darts out once, twice and then hers does the same. She tastes of mint and coffee and I can't get enough.

Our embrace intensifies, our kisses deepen, my hands begin to wander down her neck, edging lower.

She breaks the contact between our mouths and her chest is heaving as she gasps for air. So is mine.

"Wait-" she manages to say.

Wait? She wants to wait? I don't think my hormones can right now.

"Aren't you tired of waiting?" I laugh and reach to grab the lapels of Chloe's jacket. She steps back and suddenly she's waving her arms at her sides like she's trying to take off. Her heels are hanging off the edge of the pool. I laugh as she tries to catch her balance. "Need a little help getting wet?" I poke her in the shoulder and just as she tips backwards, she grabs my wrist and pulls me with her into the water.

Underneath, I grab Chloe and pull her to me, kissing her hard and passionate as bubbles of oxygen swirl around us. And she does anything but shove me away.

We surface about 10 seconds later and kick to the surface. I push her through the water until I have her back pressed against the pool wall. Breathing hard, I press the length of my body against hers and search her eyes as I suck on her bottom lip. I push my thigh between her legs, eliciting a short groan from her. Giggling, my tongue finds hers.


Um. Uh oh. Reluctantly I take my mouth away from Chloe's and my eyes travel upwards, finding Kwan standing above us looking a little more than pissed off.