small town girls




Not Quite The Princess
by Wendy

The buzzcut was the first thing that drew attention to the girl walking down Smallville's Main Street. It wasn't often that these folks saw a girl with such a haircut. Sure it was great for a bloke. Decent length, especially if the boy was patriotic enough to join the forces. But a girl?

Eyes travelling downwards would find a black t-shirt and jeans, and comfortable doc martens. No high heels for this girl. It was only then that the features would become familiar. And the gleaming smile would make an impression. "Lana Lang?" was the whisper doing the rounds. It was a statement followed by a second glance for confirmation. People coming out of shops stopped and stared, forcing their neighbours to fall into them. Traffic didn't quite stop, but the slow speed of citizens observing the 'Watch Your Speed' signs was enough for many a driver to get an eyeful.

The girl strode down the sidewalk. It wasn't a timid walk, nor a hesitant one. It wasn't a walk constrained by ladylike shoes and a temperate pace. It was the walk of someone trying to get where she wanted to be. Determined, owning the pavement. She belonged here, despite the strange looks and raised eyebrows. She was moving towards the Beanery, backpack slung over her shoulder.

A girl sat waiting outside, on the benches. She held a takeaway cup, warming her hands on its thin sides. For all the sunshine, it was cold day in Kansas, bitter and bright. She was a petite blonde, scruffy and somehow beaten around the edges like a favourite novel. Softened by town living, whereas in Metropolis she'd be all hard edges and cigarettes. Both sides of the coin a facade for a little girl, bags beside her saying that she was leaving.

She squinted into the sun as Lana hailed her. The silhouette seemed to disorientate her for a second, before she slid to her feet, discarding the lukewarm coffee.

"Wow." Chloe's stunned remark was quickly followed by, "Can I touch it?"

"It's my head, not an ornament." The caustic remark was gentled by the look that Lana swung Chloe's way. "Of course you can. Do you like it?"

"I love it." Hands roamed over Lana's head, stroking what was left of her hair, moving down her face, and then drawing her into an embrace. "Love it." Chloe nuzzled at Lana's ear. "I won't be getting your hair in my mouth when we kiss anymore. See."

There was a crash as a tray dropped inside the coffee shop, as the stunned waitress clutched her hands to her mouth. The windows filled with eager patrons, watching as Chloe and Lana wrapped their arms around one another, doing in public what they'd been doing in private for three months. They kissed, and the sun seemed to stop for the citizens of Smallville. Sure that Chloe, she'd always been a bit weird, but Lana Lang? Nell's niece, the cheerleader?