small town girls




Innocent Fun
by Rachel W.

Night fell upon Smallville as all the little stores started to close up and the teachers were already long gone. The Talon's lights were dime as Lana cleaned some tables with her 'closed' sign already on the door. The streetlights started to shine bright and the roads were empty with only the sound of little drops of rain hitting the puddles. Chloe left the Torch early, from her standards, and was walking the streets with a heavy raincoat and cotton head-warmer. Chloe's hands were in her pocket as the wind made her feel mobile. It was officially ten at night. Lana picked up two cups and headed over to the sink. She slowly looked up as she heard a faint voice calling her name. Chloe was standing outside the glass door all bundled up. Lana smiled and started to take off her apron, speed walking towards the door. She reached for her keys hanging from her belt and quickly started to unlock it. Lana swung open the door inviting Chloe in the heated room. Chloe took off her head-warmer as she stepped in.

"Hey Chloe?"

"What, are you surprised to see me?"

"Well, yeah. I thought you would still be at the Torch."

"I decided not to play an overnighter."

"Well, I'm glad you came by. I'm almost finished putting this dishes away do you mind waiting?"


Lana walked over to a table and went over it with a wet rag. Lana has such a nice body, firm and hard. Her dark hair started to go pass her shoulder. Chloe was in awe on how such a menial task can make Lana look so amazing. She then walked over to the counter and washed her hands placing the rag down. Without a word Lana walked towards Chloe looking so sexy. Her hair was flying with every step she took. In Chloe's mind it all happened in slow motion. Lana stopped right in front of her. Lana reached past her and grabbed her coat from the hanger. Chloe thought she was going to faint with all the things that were passing threw her mind.

"Ready to go?" Lana asked.

"Um..." Chloe started to say as she got pulled back to reality. "Yeah, let's get out of here before the rain starts to cause a downpour."

Lana turned off the lights and they both walked out into the rain. She closed the door behind her and locked it as Chloe stood by.

"Wish I had an umbrella," Chloe stated as the started to walk down the sidewalk.

"Well, I love walking in the rain. It's invigorating!"

"I'll never get you," Chloe stated.

"Why is that?"

"I'll never get your need to be one with nature..."

Lana smiled at her comment. "Afraid of getting a little wet?" Lana said coy.

Chloe started at her with a slight grin. "Is that a question of a challenge?"

Lana had a bigger smiled on her face. "Pick one..."

"Well," Chloe got cut off as Lana jumped into a hug water puddle splashing both of them and getting Chloe all wet.

Chloe stood still in shock with her mouth ajar and her hands flung out. "Oh My God!" She screamed. Lana just started to laugh hysterically. Chloe looked up at Lana who was standing in front of her. "You!"

"Ah!" Lana yelled while to run down the street with Chloe close behind. They playfully chased each other until they got to their house. "Get back here!" Lana turned around quickly and kicked her foot in a puddle splashing Chloe some more.

Lana ran up the stairs and grabbed the keys out of her pocket. She opened the door and hurried up the stairs. "You can't go anywhere. We live in the same house..." Chloe stated.

Chloe knew where Lana was probably going to be. She walked into the kitchen and opened the sink cabinet. A couple summers ago her father bought her a little toy water gun. She hardly ever used it, but she felt this was the perfect time. She grabbed the orange water gun and filled it with cold water. She took off her jacket and placed it on the kitchen table. Chloe walked over to the lights and turned them off. If she was going to get Lana, it was going to be like an episode of cops. She stepped up the stairs ever so quietly trying not to make a sound. All the lights were off even up stairs. It appeared as though Lana knew what was coming to her.

The first place Chloe looked was in the bathroom. Just in case. She pushed the door open and stuck the water gun out looking around. She felt like Scully on the X-files. The title neatly suited her. Nothing was there. She decided to head to her room for a look. Pushing the door open and clicking on the light switch. Lana didn't seem to be there, but she didn't stay long and make sure. She walked down the hall and figured Lana was in her own room. In the dark Chloe stepped on Lana's rain jacket and a small grin crawled up Chloe's lips. Chloe opened the door pushing it a little. Chloe crept in. Searching for the light switch on the wall she turned it on. The room filled up with light quicker then she could adjust her eyes. She didn't see anything. Something was fishy. All of a sudden two small arms wrapped around her shoulders and someone jumped on her back. It was Lana of course making Chloe scream. Chloe fell to the floor in panic. Lana wrestled with her and turned Chloe's back to the ground. They faced each other smiling. Lana had pinned Chloe with her hands unable to move. She felt helpless as they both started to laugh.

Lana looked over to the water gun still in Chloe's hand. "And what were you planning on doing with that Ms. Sullivan?"

"Certainly not this!"

"Do you surrender?"

"Yes..." Chloe stated.

"Ok then," Lana got off her and headed towards her bed.

"Not!" Chloe jumped up from the ground and started to squirt Lana crazily. Lana turned around and had a-face-full of water meet her. She started to scream a little, shielding herself on her bed. Chloe jumped on the bed and continued.


"Never!" Lana yelled back.

Lana had an ingenious idea as Chloe was standing on her bed. She picked her feet from under her making her fall on the mattress. She then grabbed the water gun from Chloe trying to get in some shoots. Chloe jumped up from the bed and ran down the hall as Lana ran after her then ran back again. Chloe jumped into her room and Lana was right behind her before she could shut the door. They didn't even manage to turn on the lights. Chloe stood on her bed and grabbed a pillow. She flung it at Lana and hit her in the face paralyzing Chloe with laughter. The water gun was out, but it seemed that a new game had started with the pillows. Lana reached down and grabbed the same pillow and swung it at her. Chloe grabbed her another pillow and it was officially declared war.

Lana didn't hesitate to join Chloe on her bed. They both stood in the darkness of the night with only the moonlight as their light source. They both were laughing happily. Lana swung at Chloe and hit her on the side. This kept up until Lana fell on the bed and Chloe was sure to keep her there. They started to pant as Chloe was now on top pinning her down. This seemed to be the theme of the night for them. Chloe sat up on Lana and laughed. "So, this is what's it's like to have a roommate?"

Lana laughed, "more like girlfriends..."

Chloe started to laugh and then stopped looking into Lana's eyes with all seriousness. Chloe leaned down and their lips slowly touched softly, tenderly, with love. She raised her head and pulled her body off of Lana. Chloe thought this wasn't the best thing that they should be doing even thought she desperately wanted to. She walked towards the door but Lana was right after her. She grabbed her hand and Chloe looked back.

"Don't go..."

"I..." Lana stepped up towards Chloe making her stop her sentence.

"Ssh... you don't need to say anything." Lana whispered.

Lana leaned in and meet Chloe's warm lips. It was so warm so right. It started off slowly, but Lana grabbed pulled her in tighter. They broke apart quickly when they heard the door open slightly more with light pouring threw. Chloe's dad was standing outside the door with his pjs on.

"Um, hi dad!" Chloe said nervously.

"Hi honey. I just heard a lot of noise... Are you gals alright?"

"Yeah, dad, we're just fine."

"Here Lana, I think this is yours," Mr. Sullivan said holding out her rain jacket. "I found it in the hall."

"Thanks Mr. Sullivan," Lana said as she stepped away from Chloe and grabbed her rain jacket from him.

"Yeah, no problem..." He said before looking around the room with a weird expression. "You girls behave now."

"Ok," Chloe smiled.

He left the room shutting the door a crack with light still coming threw. Lana and Chloe stared at each other for a minuet and Lana backed down.

"We better be going to bed..." Lana stated.

"Yeah," Chloe said disappointed.

Her father had ruined the moment. "Hey," she thought to herself. "She's always right next door..." Lana turned around and smiled at her one last time before heading out the door. Chloe slowly walked to her bed and laid down. She couldn't wait for summer.