small town girls




Hitting The Showers
by John O'Connor

Coach Amelia Tripp watched as her girls finished their laps around the oval track. Shading her eyes with a slender, slightly calloused hand, she took special note of two in particular. Lana Lang and Chloe Sullivan.

"Alright, girls," she called. "I think that's enough for the day. You can hit the showers."

"Okay Coach." "Great." "Wow, she ran us ragged." "I am so going to..." Coach Tripp smiled as she overheard the comments from her P.E. class while they left the football field and returned to the Smallville High gym.

"Chloe, Lana," she said as they passed by.

"Yes, Coach Tripp?" Lana said with a bright smile on her sweat-shiny face. She liked the attractive phys ed teacher with the bright blue eyes.

"What's up Coach?" Chloe said, her eyes shining as if she knew something.

"Girls, I'd like your help. I promised Nurse Rather that I'd help her with some post-physical activity tests. I thought, since this is the last class of the day, you might be willing to stick around and help us. If you don't mind, that is," Amelia said.

"No, not at all," Lana said. Chloe shook her head in agreement with her dark-haired friend.

"Good, give me a minute and we can get started. Just keep moving around to keep loose." Amelia ran her hand through her short blond hair as she continued, "I need to get Cheryl and we'll begin."

Lana noticed that Chloe watched as the coach walked towards the school, her eyes seemed to be on the shapely ass hidden by the dark gym shorts.

"Hey, Woodward and Bernstein! What are you looking at?" Lana said playfully.

Chloe turned red and mumbled something about jealousy as she turned away quickly.

Several minutes later, Cheryl Rather, Smallville High's nurse, was with them on the edge of the track. She was a petite brunette with large, dark brown eyes and a pretty, expressive face. She was dressed in a stereotypical white nurse's dress but without the little, outdated hat. "Okay girls. First I'm going to get a blood pressure reading from all of you. Then I'd like both you and Amelia to run a few laps. After that I'll take your blood pressure and check your heart rate again. Chloe, you first."

"Okay, Nurse Rather," Chloe agreed.

As she wrapped the bp cuff around Chloe's upper arm, Cheryl said, "We're off the clock now. You can call me Cheryl. Amelia?"

"Yeah, why not? When we're outside of school, you can call me Amelia," the tall blonde said.

"Lana?" Cheryl said as she took the cuff off of Chloe's arm, giving the young blonde a light pat on the ass.

Within minutes, all three were jogging around the track. Cheryl stood on the sidelines watching with a secret smile. She had been looking forward to this all day.

After completing ten laps, the trio came to a halt and Cheryl took additional readings. Then, the four of them started back to the main campus.

"Nurse...uh, Cheryl? What are you looking for?" Lana asked.

"Well, I want to compare readings before and after certain types of stimulation - physical activity. To be honest, I don't know that I'll find anything special but I won't know if I don't try," Cheryl said. She didn't tell the young woman walking beside her the whole truth but Lana would find out soon enough.

"Sounds interesting. Maybe there's a story here," Chloe said thoughtfully.

Amelia laughed and Cheryl smiled with a wicked gleam in her eye. Lana threw a questioning look at her coach.

"We'll see, Chloe."

By the time they reached the girls' locker room, it was empty. Lana and Chloe went to their lockers and stripped out of their gym clothes. Chloe stared with unabashed lust at Lana's slender, soft curves.

"Take a picture. It lasts longer," Lana laughed before she darted into the shower. Chloe was right behind her.

Lana stood under the hot shower with her eyes closed, enjoying the feel of the water pulsing on her skin. In her mind, she pictured she and Chloe making love in the shower room with the water dancing all around them. It had become one of her favorite unresolved fantasies since she and Chloe had discovered their mutual lust for each other. If not for Coach Tri...Amelia, this would be their best, maybe only chance.

A caressing hand slid down Lana's back and molded itself around her supple ass, squeezing gently.

"Chloe," Lana said quietly, her reverie broken. "This is so not a good idea... Amelia and Cheryl are right outside."

Another hand cupped her other cheek and she quickly whipped around. There before her were Chloe, Amelia, and Cheryl. All were wet, naked and smiling. At first, shock at the sight of three nude women in front of her kept her silent. Then she whispered, "Wha...what's going on?"

"Lana, remember when we were talking about how attractive the coach was?" Chloe asked, her hand cupping one of Lana's pert breasts.

Lana nodded, remembering the conversation they had as they cuddled naked in her bed. It was right after she had broken up with Whitney. Her aunt had gone to Kansas City and they had the house to themselves for a long weekend of sex. And gossip about various parents, teachers, and students. They had even talked about what they would like to do to the pretty phys ed teacher which, of course, led to more lovemaking between them.

"Well," Chloe said, caressing Lana's hard nipple with her fingertips, "turns out the coach has the hots for us too!"

"So do I," Cheryl added with a chuckle. Her arm was around the coach's waist, the hand stroking Amelia's ass. With her other hand, she reached out and cupped Lana's mound gently. "If you don't mind..."

"! But, what if someone...?"

Amelia pinched Lana's other nipple as she responded, "Not to worry. I locked up. If anyone tries to come in, we'll have plenty of time. And no one comes around here this late unless there's a meet or a game."

"Yes, Amelia and I often use the showers after school to clean up and, well, other things," Cheryl said, her fingers' gentle play on Lana's labia told the young girl what the other things were.

Amelia laughed and added, "Then your girlfriend here," she nodded to Chloe, "walked in on us. The rest, as they say, is history..."

Chloe leaned over and kissed her friend and lover. "And it's so much fun!" Chloe pressed her lips to Lana's again, this time probing with her tongue. Lana opened her mouth to accept Chloe's invitation and responded in kind.

"This is so hot!" Amelia said, watching the two girls kissing passionately.

"Yes it is," Cheryl agreed as she kissed the taller woman, her tongue speaking volumes of lust and need.

Lana felt what little resistance she had melt away as the twin thrills of her lover's kiss and the older woman's fingers caused her blood to boil. Breaking the kiss, she said, "Yes, please..."

Cheryl pulled away from her long-time love Amelia, and turned to the younger women. Smiling, she kissed Lana. Lana moaned as the woman's tongue slipped into her mouth and explored.

Chole turned to her coach. "See? Toldja she'd go for it."

"Yes. She certainly seems interested," Amelia agreed. Her understatement was belied by the sight of Lana and Cheryl in a passionate embrace. "Come here Chloe. I want you."

Chloe quickly came to the woman and they shared a deep kiss. Chloe ran her hands up and down the water-slick back of the woman before grabbing Amelia's round ass and pulling her more tightly to Chloe. Chloe's thigh slipped between Amelia's legs, pressing against the woman's wet core.

"Oh Chloe..." Amelia moaned into the girl's mouth. Her lips moved down to Chloe's neck and she began to lick and lightly bite along the girl's throat.

Lana finally broke her kiss and stared into the lusty eyes of the school nurse. Both women were panting from the kiss they had shared.

Cheryl leaned down and took Lana's nipple in her mouth, running the tongue around and over the hard nub. Her right hand caressed the girl's other breast while her left slid down the soft skin to the small triangle of brown curls between Lana's legs.

Her fingers slid along the aroused lips and slipped easily into the girl's hot wetness. Using her thumb to trace around Lana's clitoris, Cheryl began to pump her finger in and out of the girl slowly, then added another finger. The girl was so tight!

Lana's head fell back against the shower's wall as she moaned loudly. She ran her fingers through Cheryl's long, dark hair, pulling the woman to her. This was heavenly!

Pulling back, Cheryl smiled at her young lover and said, "I'm going to taste you now." Lana shivered in anticipation of the woman's oral talents.

Cheryl knelt before the student and nuzzled the dark pubic thatch, inhaling the scent of the girl's arousal. 'Wonderful,' she thought.

Snaking her tongue out, Cheryl gently pushed the outer labia apart and slid her tongue into the girl's sex. She pressed her mouth to the girl and alternately thrust her tongue as deep as she could into Lana and then swirling it around the engorged lips. Occasionally she swiped it around the hard clit.

"Oh God! Cheryl!" Lana moaned.

Glancing over, she saw that the coach's face was buried between her girlfriend's legs as Chloe leaned back against the wall next to her.

Chloe's hand grasped Lana's tightly. Between shuddering breaths and moans of pleasure, Chloe managed to say, "You asked how I got so good at... OH! making you cum so intenselyy-eeeEEEE!!! Oh, God, Amelia. You stopped!"

Amelia had pulled away and looked up at the blond-haired student who chuckled and said, "I almost came... You are so evil!"

Lana, meanwhile, was moaning and shaking from the nurse's talented mouth. "Oh! OH!" Fearful that Cheryl would stop, she let go of Chloe's hand and pressed Cheryl's face tightly to her. "Don't stop! Please don't stop!"

Amelia looked up at her friend and said, "Chloe, let's try for a simultaneous orgasm." Then, without waiting for the girl's enthusiastic okay, buried her face in Chloe's pussy.

In moments, the high school students began to moan and cry out in ecstasy. Amelia and Cheryl attacked the hot, wet pussies and held the girls up as their legs trembled and they both came.

As Chloe and Lana became aware of their surroundings again, they smiled at each other. Grasping hands, they glanced down and saw the two older women kneeling facing each other, locked in a passionate kiss.

"Lana, you taste so sweet on Cheryl," Amelia declared.

"And Chloe, you taste divine on my Amelia," Cheryl said.

The girls slid down the wall and kissed the women that had given them such pleasure. Hands slid between thighs and fingers into hot, wet pussies.

Lana pushed Cheryl down on the floor her free hand. "My turn," she said with a sweet smile.

"My pleasure," Cheryl replied.

Lana crawled between Cheryl's legs and began to lick the older woman's folds. It was only the second pussy she had experienced but that didn't deter her.

Chloe watched, fascinated by the image of her lover giving pleasure to another woman. The sight was so exciting, as was the feel of Amelia under her fingers.

"I want you now," Chloe declared. Amelia happily lay back for her young lover.

Chloe had learned some wonderful tricks from the two women and had used them when she and Lana were together. Now, not for the first time, she used them on her coach. Before long, the older blonde was writhing beneath the younger blonde.

Meanwhile, Lana decided to try something she had read once in one of Whitney's Penthouse's. She slid her finger into Cheryl, getting it wet while she sucked on the woman's clit. Once she decided it was sufficiently wet, she moved her hand down and gently pushed her finger into Cheryl's ass.

The combination of Lana's tongue on her pussy and the girl's finger up her ass was too much for the nurse. She screamed out her orgasm into the steamy shower as her fluids gushed out of her into Lana's mouth.

Lana, again knowing about the rare women who ejaculated from Whitney's magazines, happily, almost greedily, drank it all.

Cheryl pulled Lana up to her. The young girl lay atop her nurse and kissed the woman, sharing the woman's fluids with her.

Chloe, for her part, wanted to have Amelia scream out her orgasm. She began to lick from the top of the coach's slit down to her rosebud and back, stopping to plunge her tongue into either opening or swab the rigid clitoris.

Soon, Amelia was screaming out her pleasure. Chloe didn't stop though. She continued to lick the woman until Amelia had to push her off.

" more...I-I don't..." the woman panted.

"Yes," Cheryl said. "Save some of that for me."

"And me," Lana added.

"Sure thing!" Chloe said happily, licking her lips in an exaggerated way.

"Let's get cleaned up and head for home," Amelia suggested as she got shakily to her feet. "Chloe, you have got to do this to Cheryl."

With a wicked smile, Lana asked, "Nurse? Don't you have some readings to take?"

"All in good time, my dear. All in good time," Cheryl replied, kissing Lana lightly.

With quick calls to their homes, the girls were ready for a long night of sensual pleasures with their new lovers.

And further readings for Nurse Cheryl's study...