small town girls




Camping With Lana
by Buffyfaith19

Lana Lang is the kind of girl every guy wants and it drives me crazy seeing how Clark treats her like a little princess all the time.

She's just a girl.

Sometimes I look at Lana and try and figure out just what makes her so desirable to everyone and sure she is beautiful and has the perfect smile, a cute little body, but it's not just her looks.

She exudes this almost syrupy sweetness about her. Like she couldn't have an impure thought if her life depended on it.

There had to be a flaw. Just had to be.

Lana was even nice to me. She was kind and friendly and the worst part about all this was that I liked her to.

I still had to find out if the Lana we all saw at school every day acted the same when nobody was around. I simply can't believe anyone is 100% good.

Nobody is perfect. Yet at times it seems as though she is.

She has the typical jock boyfriend. Yet rarely do I see her with him. Nor do I get any sense that she loves him in the least. At times it seems like she doesn't even notice he is around.

Could this be her flaw? Is she somehow using jock boy to enhance her image. Does she believe the most popular girl in school should always date the football star?

It would make sense. But why would she go through with this charade in the first place?

I decided to find out more about what make Lana tick so I invited her to go camping with me this weekend and to my surprise and delight she said yes.

In many ways I wasn't expecting this type of response from here. She seems so domesticated I bet she wouldn't know how to roast a marshmallow or what a BBQ was and I just don't think she's ever slept outside in a tent before. Nope, not Lana. She would need a perfectly engineered mattress to lay her delicate body down every night on.

Okay, so I have just a little resentment and perhaps a slight, very slight bit of jealousy towards her. It's not that I don't like her though, because I do. She just seems to perfect.

Friday after school we walked home together and I made sure she was still up for the camping trip and she smiled that perfect smile at me and genuinely seemed excited about going. This was getting to be too much.

I smiled back and told her I would pick her up at 5 and we would head out so we could get set up before it got dark.

As I got back home and went upstairs to get my things ready I began to analyze Lana's decision to come with me this weekend and as usual my mind came up with about 30 different reasons for this.

Number one was that she just couldn't say no to anyone. Might not be nice. So she did it out of some warped sense of obligation to a girl she new as a casual friend from school.

Nope, not even she would do that. Would she?

Could she really fake her enthusiasm so well? Nah.

My other reasons ranged from boredom to the extreme reason, which I highly discounted, but in going through all possible reasons for this, the last one was that she wanted to spend time with me.

That one stirred up more emotions in me than all the others combined.

For one I didn't know if that made me happy or scared. Could Lana actually like me as more than a friend? No way. She has a boyfriend.

She spends alot of time giving Clark her little puppy dog looks, so I just can't believe it.

Then again, I had to wonder. And it was flattering in a way to think that this beautiful young woman might like me like that. But, then I thought about what this all meant and quickly thought about something else.

I got the van loaded and drove over to Lana's house and of course she was sitting there all ready and packed and stood up and grabbed a suitcase in one hand and of all things a fishing rod in the other.

Now if she knew how to fish I would scream.

It turns out it was her uncle's and she thought she might need it.

I got out and helped her with her other bag and then we got back in the van and I began the 90 minute drive to where our family had been camping for years.

Lana and I shared some small talk along the way but nothing of importance was actually talked about.

We had the stereo going the whole way and made a game of guessing who was singing each song as fast as we could and she was even good at that. Who knew she actually listened to music.

Not sure why but I somehow thought rock and roll would be against her snow white beliefs.

I know, I didn't make much sense in some of the perceptions I had of her, but they were real and this weekend was all about finding out who the real Lana Lang was.

We made our way into the large campground and I drove to the edge of river and made sure we were far, far away from anyone else and then got out and started to unload all the camping gear and Lana was right there helping me.

She was a tiny little thing, but she didn't seem to mind the heavy lifting and was quite helpful when it came to putting up the tent and once again she seemed to be good at everything and still not one complaint from her.

Not about anything. The mosquitoes, the heat, the lack of a nice hot shower or anything.

Once we got the tent set up we made a small fire in the pit that we always used and then I took off my jacket and pulled out a couple lawn chairs and we sat down for a couple minutes to catch our breath and relax for awhile.

Lana was wearing a bright orange sleeveless t-shirt, cut just above her waist exposing her midriff for the first time that I can ever remember and she had on a pair of beige pants and she looked quite pretty as always.

I was in a simple white t-shirt and jeans and felt so comfortable in what had become a very warm evening.

Lana grabbed a bottle of water from her cooler and asked if I'd like one and I said sure and she handed be one and sat back in her chair and looked over at me with a curious look, "So Chloe, what made you ask me to go camping with you this weekend?"

Like that's the right way to make conversation. She does get to the point. I wasn't sure what to say. I always had this sneaking suspicion that she could tell when I lied and that made me so very careful about what I said around her.

"I don't know. I just felt like going camping and didn't want to go alone and thought we might get a chance to know each other better this way."

This was all true and she seemed to accept it.

"Okay, well thanks for inviting me. I'm sure this will be fun. Did you want to do anything before it gets dark?"

"I was thinking of taking a swim. It's so much nicer when it's cooled off a bit. You did bring your swimsuit with you right?"

"Yes I did. I brought a couple with me actually."

Of course she did. She would think of everything. I'm sure she has two one piece black suits that cover every inch of her. Can't imagine Lana in anything but something conservative.

I got up and crawled into the tent and opened my suitcase and found my favorite red bikini and pulled it out and sat there realizing that I would be changing in front of Lana and this would be different than when we had to change for gym class, since we didn't actually get naked there.

Anyway, I watched as Lana searched through her clothes and to my surprise she pulled out a two piece white bikini and this just bugged me. Just once I'd like one of my perceptions of her to come true.

Where does she even wear a bikini? She sure isn't on the swim team. I don't think she belongs to any swim club either. Does she wear it for her showers at home? Is it her way of not getting naked? That must be it.

Lana had no problem changing in front of me either. She removed her top and pants and then unhooked her bra and let it fall to the ground, revealing her perfect breasts to me for the first time and I did find myself staring at them a little too long at how they were just that, perfect.

Perfectly round. Perfectly firm. Perfectly sexy.

I bet she loved having me look at her like this. Knowing that she could make not only the boys drool, but alot of girls as well.

I watched her slide off her panties and pull her bikini bottom on and then she put her top on and I had begun to undress by then and was in my underwear as she sat there waiting for me.

It was such a weird feeling. I actually wanted her to watch and see that I was an attractive girl to and was quite happy with my body as well.

When I removed my bra and my breasts were naked I made a point to look over and see if the sweet little Lana was looking in my direction and was surprised to see she was staring right at me and I again wasn't expecting this.

Was she looking at me or just looking around the room.

I put my bikini on and she looked back at me, looked me over from head to toe, then looked back into my eyes, "You look beautiful in that suit. Red really brings out your eyes."

Great, now she was complimenting me. It did feel good though.

"You look great to. Not many people can pull off white like that."

"Thanks Chloe." she said, then crawled out the tent, which gave me my biggest shock of the trip so far.

Lana Lang was wearing a thong. This was too much. Who would have ever believed she knew what one was, let alone own one.

Not to mention how amazing it looked on her. She couldn't be satisfied looking incredible in the bikini, she had to show off her perfect little ass now to.

I followed her out of the tent and down to the little lake, my eyes having a hard time avoiding her thong, since it was right there for all to see every time she took a step.

I was beginning to think she was doing all this on purpose. It would be just like her to seduce me without trying like she had everyone else at school.

Only in school she couldn't concentrate on me so I was able to resist her spell. It has to be a spell. That would explain why I was so drawn to her. Why I felt this intense connection with her since the first time I looked into her amazing eyes.

But this was so different. This was sexual. She was using her spell to make me attracted to her. I knew it. It had to be this. What other explanation could there be?

We made our way into the water and began to swim around a small area for awhile before we came together and she gave me this cute little look and I just knew she was going to do something.

She began splashing me with water and I let out a little scream, but soon was splashing back just as much and the more we splashed the more we were laughing and she got really close and tried to grab my hands and stop me from splashing her.

We were wrestling and I had my hands on her small wrists and actually felt like I was in control at that moment and I just kind of pulled her towards me with one big tug and she practically fell ontop of me and we did fall back into the water as she did.

Then as we got up she grabbed a hold of my hands and held them behind my back and was holding me so close now and I couldn't pull my hands from her grip, which was way to strong for someone so tiny I might add.

She still had a free hand and actually reached behind and unhooked my top and tossed it back to the shore and then reached down and slid off my bottoms and did the same to them and I was struggling to get free and she was smiling at me the whole time and then she let go of my hands and I made a feeble attempt to cover up my breasts, but then decided that wasn't the answer and I walked towards her and she started backing up and she looked at me with her favorite puppy dog look, "Chloe you don't want to do this."

"Oh yes I do."

"No, you don't. Okay, okay. I give." She said, then held her hands up above her head in surrender or something.

"You think this is going to keep me from doing what you did?"

"Well, maybe. I'll go get your bikini and you can put it on again."

"That's not gonna cut it Lana." I said, inching towards her as she stood still as a statue, hands still above her head.

"Then do what you have to do." she said, then closed her eyes, obviously hoping I would fall for this. But, she was wrong.

I walked right up to her and reached behind her back, let my hands undo her top and then knelt down and fumbled around with her bikini bottom, rubbing my hands up against her ass as I did, then pulled it down and held them in my hands and smiled at her, "There, now were even."

Lana didn't say a thing. Just stood there naked. Eyes closed and with no expression on her face.

I didn't fall for it and stood there smiling at her, while trying not to be too obvious about staring at those breasts of hers.

She still didn't move or say anything. Now this is taking a joke a bit too far.

"Lana. Lana. Come on. Say something." I walked over to her and actually put my hand on her arm to check for a pulse and she was breathing just fine. I knew she was faking or up to something and I wasn't going to let her take advantage of me. Not this time.

"Fine, if you want to stand out here naked all night, be me my guest. Can I take a picture? I think you would make a fine scarecrow."

Still nothing. She sure knew how to play things out to the end.

I decided to try a different approach. I walked back up to her and stood behind her and slowly moved my hands up her tight little tummy and was sure she would stop me before I got too close to her breasts, but as usual, I was wrong.

My hands found her breasts and I wasn't sure what to do next. They felt so good. So soft and smooth and warm. I decided that if she didn't mind me touching them then I wouldn't mind enjoying it either.

I was rubbing her nipples almost instinctively and she still hadn't made any motion or sound.

I turned her to face me this time and I leaned in and kissed her.

It wasn't how I ever dreamed about kissing Lana, but I was determined to get her to react to something I did here no matter what it took.

Her lips were the softest things I had ever felt in my life.

"Your not a very good kisser are you Lana?" I walked away from her and headed back up to the tent, still naked and enjoying how the breeze felt against my body.

I was just about to kneel down to crawl into the tent when I felt a hand grab my arm and spin me around and there was Lana standing in front of me, also still naked and she pulled me in close and put her hands on my chin and kissed me hard and deep and I couldn't help but kiss her back and this was more like a kiss.

Finally some passion from Lana. And she was a very good kisser. Her lips tasted like cherry, which seemed appropriate really and she was soon sliding her tongue into my mouth and exploring it aggressively.

I did the same and our kiss continued as we made our way back inside the tent and her hands were moving up my back and back down over my ass, then down my legs and back up again.

Her hands felt as soft as her lips, caressing every inch of my body with such tenderness and thoroughness.

I let my hands move up to her firm breasts and got such a rush just touching them for the first time. They just felt so good in my hands. Her nipples were already hard and I rubbed them with between my two fingers, squeezing them and sliding my thumb over the tip and rubbing it in a circle, which did elicit a soft moan from the beautiful Lana and I felt she was finally alive an responding to my touch and that meant so much to me.

Our kiss was still going and it just continued to increase in passion and desire as our hands explored each other's bodies, each touch more exciting than the last.

Lana broke our kiss and my lips missed her as soon as she did. She kissed my nose, then my chin, then down my shoulders and down between my breasts and then she held my left breast in her right hand and let her tongue slide over my nipple and then I felt her take it into her mouth and that was just so amazing and I wanted her to keep going for as long as she wanted.

She was so sensual in everything she did. Taking so much time with every kiss, every touch, every look we shared.

I was running my hands through her long silky hair as she moved to my other breasts and caressed it so perfectly. I could feel her body heat on mine as she licked her way around my nipple and again took it into her mouth and it felt so good to be inside her like this.

The perfect Lana was turning out to be the perfect lover and I couldn't be happier about that right now.

I felt her hands leave my breasts and felt her soft breath on my stomach and her hands sliding down my body and she made her way between my legs and I was feeling so hot right now I just wanted to feel her touching me so bad it hurt.

She slid my thighs apart and that's when I felt her tongue on my pussy for the first time and I nearly screamed so loud the whole park could here me. Lana slid back up to me and put her lips on my mouth so I wouldn't scream anymore and I couldn't think of a better way to be shut up than to feel her soft and sexy lips on mine and I just wrapped my arms around her and held her tightly and we kissed and kissed and kissed for so long.

I was so caught up in the moment that time was not even moving anymore.

Lana gave me one last kiss and then made her way down between my legs once more and I spread them wide for her and was waiting for her tongue to touch me like that again and this time she slid her thumb over my clit and began rubbing it. Slowly at first, but she was soon rubbing me so hard and fast that I grabbed a pillow and held it to my face to muffle my cries of pleasure.

Lana's tongue was sliding up and down my pussy and was kissing every inch of inch of my very wet lips and then she slid her very hot tongue inside my pussy and was pushing it in and out so fast I was losing all control of my body and was just giving myself to Lana and loving every second of it.

Her tongue move up to my clit and Lana then slid on of her fingers inside me and began to slide it in and out of my now very moist pussy and god it felt so good.

I was thrusting my hips upward to meet her tongue and finger and my hands were holding my breasts and squeezing my nipples as I watched Lana's head move back and forth and from side to side, sliding her expert tongue over every inch of my pussy, always coming back to my clit, where she would just lick me so fast and hard it had me begging for more and more from her and she always delivered.

Sweet little Lana was a sexual dynamo in disguise. She was so full of passion. Passion I never knew existed. But it's there. It sure comes out when were together.

She was licking me so fast and hard now I simply couldn't take it any longer and my whole body tenses up and shook almost uncontrollably and I had my very first orgasm and it felt so right that it was Lana Lang that gave it to me.

Lana then move up and kissed me again and I wanted to kiss her all night long and was more than willing to do that, but I had to give Lana the same pleasure she gave me and I was ready to do that and I wanted to so bad.

I could almost feel how she would taste. So sweet and warm. I get hot just thinking about it.

I rolled Lana onto her back and held her hands above her head and kissed her sexy lips once more, before moving down to her rock hard nipples at the tip of her perfectly round breasts.

When I touched them in the water it sent goose bumps up and down my spine and I knew right then and there that I would have to taste them one day and just never imagined this day would happen so fast.

My hands cupped them softly, feeling the warmth from them immediately as well as a very sexy little sigh from Lana's lips and that bright smile appear on her face and I knew she was enjoying this as much as I was.

My tongue found her nipple and I felt like devouring it right on the spot, but instead I took it into my mouth and sucked on it as my tongue swirled around her erect nipple, savoring the taste of her soft skin on my tongue.

I let my hand move down her side and over the curve of her ass and then found it's way to her very wet pussy and I slid my fingers up and down her slit, finding her clit and rubbing it with my thumb as she ground her hips towards me, sending even more pressure onto her clit and her cute little sighs and moans were just so fun to hear, her voice just as sweet as she was.

I was kissing my way down her firm little stomach, enjoying the way her stomach contracted every time my lips made contact with her. I could kiss her all night long.

When I reached her pussy she was already wet and I could tell she was anxious to feel my tongue on her as she was pushing her hips in my direction and so I pulled her even closer, lowered my lips to her and she could feel my breath on her and it made her squirm just a little, but I couldn't tease her for very long since I wanted to please her so bad I just let my tongue slide up her moist lips and savored her taste and scent and continued to lick up and down her pussy as she moaned louder and louder.

She was moving so much now, her body was like a volcano of activity, shaking and thrashing about as I just held onto her tiny waist and continued to lick her clit as fast as I could.

The sight of Lana lying like this, legs apart, hands gripping the blanket, totally lost in this moment and she even looked beautiful like this to.

I was still not finished and was loving how she responded to my touch and wanted to keep giving her more and more pleasure until she couldn't stand it any longer.

She tasted just like I had imagined, so warm and sweet and I couldn't get enough of her. I just had my face buried between her creamy white thighs and was moving my tongue on her clit faster and faster and she was starting to get louder and louder with her moans and screams and I held her so close and just kept moving my tongue over her until she let out the most intense scream I've ever heard and her whole body was trembling and she was smiling so much as I climbed back up and placed a kiss on her lips.

Lana kissed me back and held me tightly and I put my arms around her and we lie there kissing until we woke up the next morning.

I was still smiling when I woke up. Lana wasn't beside me though and that was a bit unsettling. So many thoughts raced through my head in that instance.

Did she leave. Was she upset. Did she regret last night.

All that disappeared when she poked her head into the tent and flashed that million dollar smile at me, "Good morning sleepy head. You better get some clothes on and get out here. It's a beautiful day and I want to share it with you."

Lana was wearing this cute little nighty with little smiley faces all over it and she looked so angelic poking her head in like that to.

"Aren't we up early. I hope you got enough sleep."

"I had the most amazing sleep I've ever had. Thanks to you."

"That's so sweet of you to say. I feel the same way." I said, slowly getting up and searching for something to wear in my suitcase as Lana stepped inside and crawled over towards me.

I was still naked and she seemed to enjoy that alot. She put her arms around me and kissed me softly, then put her up to my head and pushed away some stray strands of hair and then she looked into my eyes so intently, "Listen Chloe. About last night...."

I cut her off before she could say anymore. I was so afraid she was going to say something I didn't want to hear. What if she thought this was all a mistake. Oh god. I just don't want to know. I'd rather just enjoy this moment and not have anything ruin it.

But, what do I say to her. She seems in a good mood. Maybe that's a good sign. I just don't know. She's Lana. Does she really want to be with me. Another girl? This is so confusing. I don't know what I want either.

Okay, maybe I do. But, I'm not sure I like knowing that I want Lana so much. I had to say something. She looks so pretty sitting there waiting for me to talk to. God. Think!!.

"Chloe, is something wrong?" she asked sincerely, her hand touching my arm and it was just too much.

"No, nothing is wrong." I lied, but I had to. I pulled on a sweater and even managed to put on a pair of panties as I lifted my head up to continue, "Really, I'm fine. I couldn't be better."

"Good. I hope so. I just wanted to say..." God, would she stop with this need to tell me bad news. I feel silly as soon as I interrupt her and think I must look completely insane, but I can't help it. I just can't be sure she is going to say something good.

"I'm sorry Lana. I just thought we should get out there and enjoy the day. It looks great."

"Yes it is. But, I wanted to talk to you first." she let her hand slide up my arm and onto my shoulder and it just felt like she was setting me up for a big letdown.

"I know. And we will talk. I promise. But, shouldn't we eat something first?"

I wondered if that sounded as silly to her as it did to me. Eat before talking. Like I don't have any energy to talk without food. What am I a robot.

"Umm, sure. I guess." she said, still looking somewhat puzzled by my behavior and I couldn't blame her in the least. But, she had stopped talking about talking so maybe this was good.

I crawled out of the tent and was happy to stand up and stretch my legs and take in some fresh air and Lana followed me out and even had the fire going and was cooking breakfast of all things.

Oh, she is too good to be true.

I sat down across from her and watched her flip the eggs on the grill. Hardly what I'd call eating off the wilderness, but I wasn't complaining.

What I was doing was watching Lana. I watched her every move as she smiled back at me from time to time from adjusting the bacon and I just loved looking at her.

It was getting to the point where I was about ready to just blurt out something to her that I know would freak her out. It freaks me out and I haven't even said it yet.

Soon she put a couple eggs on a plate and handed them to me and put some bacon beside it and then took some for herself as we sat down and stated eating.

Her legs looked so soft and toned and tanned and there I was again staring at Lana and not even knowing it.

She is going to pick up on this and think I'm a bit to unstable to go out with anyway. Wait, I didn't mean go out with as in dating. Why am I qualifying this. I'm talking to myself and not Chloe.

Although it wouldn't surprise me in the least if she could read minds. She does everything else so well.

"Chloe, you seem to be distracted. Are you sure something isn't bothering you? Is it about last night?"

Oh god. I spend all this time avoiding that subject and here she is bringing it up again.

Maybe it's best to just get it out of the way. Get the big rejection and move on with the weekend as good old pals.

"I guess I am wondering what you are thinking about last night. Not sure if I want to know though."

"Why do you say that?" she asked innocently enough.

Why? Does she not know anything.

"Because if you didn't like it you should just say so."

"I would. If it were true that is. But, it isn't."

"Oh stop with the riddles Lana."

She laughed right then. Spontaneous laughter. Sure it was at my expense but I couldn't help laugh right along with her. Her laughter was contagious. And it made me smile and relax and that was a very good thing.

She sat down her plate and came over and sat down on the log beside me and took my hands and looked right in my eyes, "Chloe, I really enjoyed last night. No, I loved last night. I've never experienced anything like it and I'm still glowing from how you make me feel."

OMG. She feels the same way. Or I think she does. Maybe I should stop right now while things are still going well.

"I mean it Chloe. This trip was something I was looking forward to all day yesterday. I was so afraid to every ask you anything like this because quite frankly I didn't think you liked me much."

"I'm so sorry if I made you feel that way. It's not true. Well, it's a bit true. But, it's not. I mean, I had some perceptions about you that were way off. And you were so popular that I did envy that a little. And all the guys seemed to be all over you and I guess it seemed like you were perfect."

"I'm not perfect Chloe. I can't believe you think that. I am just a regular teenager trying to get through high school."

"Now that's not exactly true Lana. You have a boyfriend for one thing. Whitney. A football star. You have Clark eyeing you everytime you walk in a room and if you ever look at the people when you walk in a room or down the street, they are all checking you out."

"So what. I don't care if someone thinks I might be physically attractive. I want someone who likes me for who I am."

"Okay, that is a very nice speech, but come on Lana. Your dating the big jock on campus. Do you think he knows who you are? Besides the prettiest girl in school that is?"

"Yes he does. He said so. He's very shy. I like that. And he asked me out. Nobody else did. So there goes that theory."

"That's because you scare people away."

"I do not. I'm always friendly and easy to talk to."

"Well, maybe you are, but your still seen that way by many people. Not just me."

"That's not something I can control."

"I guess your right. Look, I'm sorry. I really am. I don't mean to sound negative here. I honestly want us to start over. I have seen a different side to you since we started seeing more of each other this year and I have grown to like you alot."

"Thank you. I feel the same. I always had the impression that you weren't really interested in anything other than the paper. And Clark that is."

"Enough about Clark. I could say the same about you."

"Perhaps, but I think last night says alot more about what we both really want. Don't you agree?" She said with a smile and then leaned in for another kiss.

"What can I say, when your right, your right." I kissed her again and we paused long enough to finish our food and then we got up and I suggested we go for a walk along the river and she looked at what she had on and said she's better change first.

She went back into the tent and came out a couple minutes later wearing a pink halter top and matching pink shorts. Short shorts. Tight shorts. She sure wanted me to notice her on this trip.

"You know if you keep putting on sexy clothes like that were never going to leave this tent."

"Oh this old thing? I bought it this year. I was thinking of you when I bought it to. And the only times I've worn this was, well, you don't want to hear this."

"No, please tell me." I begged, honestly curious about what she was going to say.

"Well, you remember when we had that fight about the paper? When things got kind of heated when you lost your job and I was given it for awhile? Anyway, that night I couldn't stop thinking about that silly fight. I really felt so bad about the whole thing and wanted to make things better. So I decided to buy you something. I went to the store looking for anything to give you. Maybe I should have tried for the short version of this story."

"It's okay, continue."

"Okay. I didn't know how to make it right. And this may sound silly but I actually bought this for you. I thought you would look so good in pink. But, I wasn't sure how to give it to you so I tried it on and imagined you were there watching me and anytime I got even a little depressed or sad or anything like that, I would put this on and think of you and it would make me feel good again. I know, it's corny."

"No silly. I think that is so sweet. A little twisted mind you, but so sweet." I smiled at her and she slapped my hand for the twisted comment and we kissed again and I was just so lost in her eyes. I wanted us to stay there all day long.

"I brought this in hopes that you might want to try it on for me this weekend."

"That is going to be a little tough while it's on you."

"Oh I know. That's why I put it on now. So you could take it off me. If you want that is?"

"I want. I want to a lot. Watch me." and with that I took Lana's hand and we went back into the tent and made love all day long.