small town girls




Bad Person
by AlejandraDD

I'm on the flower shop, as usual. Lana is there in a corner, wearing a fairy princess costume. I'm babysitting; her parents are at the homecoming game. She looks so sweet with her magic wand. Besides that, it's a day like any other day, until I hear Jonathan's voice. My face lightens up. I still have feelings for him, I don't think that they'll ever wear off, but I know that it's over. Then I see her, and it's like if my heart shatters into a million pieces, and the bitterness overwhelms me. It's not because she's with my ex now. It's not jealousy, or envy. It's because I know she is a bad person.

A hypocrite.


I remember that day; it was months ago, or maybe years. I was closing the shop, when she came in. The lights were already turned off, the only illumination came from outside, but it was minimal. I've only saw her two or three times before, I knew that she knew that Jonathan and I used to date, and I didn't care. I thought that she didn't care either.

"I need to talk to you," she said.

"What about?" I knew it was about Jonathan. "I need to see... I need to know what Jonathan is leaving behind" She was staring at me very intensely.

"What do you need to know? He's already yours, he loves you" "I need to know." Was she reaching for my face? "You're so beautiful"

Her hand was caressing my cheek, slowly reaching for my chin. I was perplexed, I didn't move. I didn't say or do anything; I didn't understand anything that was happening. She took two steps forward.

Suddenly, her other hand was on my waist.

"What are you doing?" I said. Stupid question, since I knew exactly what she was doing, but I couldn't let myself believe it. "Shhhhhhh," she said, gently shutting my mouth with one finger, while leaning her head towards me.

"But Jonathan --" I managed to say.

"I'm doing this for him." I still don't know what she meant by that, just as I still don't believe that what I'm talking about actually happened.

She kissed me. Her lips, soft and wet against mine, and her tongue doing things that I never thought it could be done. Instead of feeling sick as I should have, I felt aroused. I never liked women that way, but there was something about her. She was (there's not another way to say it) hot.

I didn't return the kiss, but I didn't reject her either. Now she was unbuttoning my shirt with one hand, and her own shirt with the other.

That's an interesting ability, I must say. She took off her shirt very quickly, and I was beholding the sight of her round breasts, trapped in a fancy lacy white bra.

Before I knew it, I was lying on my back on the cold floor, and she was kissing my neck. I felt her hand caressing my breasts, and I felt my nipples turn harder against my bra.

She started licking my stomach, while pulling my pants off. I ran a hand through her hair; it was the most beautiful hair I've ever seen, and it was soft like rose petals.

She took off her skirt and her shoes, and the passion in her eyes as she was staring at me was something out of the scale, something that I can't put in words.

There was no turning back. The thought that she wanted me excited me. I wanted this. I wanted her to want me. I wanted to feel her, to kiss her. And I did. I drew her head next to mine and I put my tongue inside her mouth, exploring it in its entire surface. The feeling of our breasts rubbing together trough the fabric, is something that I can't describe. My hands were touching her back as I unhooked her brassiere. I noticed that she was unhooking my bra too. We split for a moment, and as our respective bras were flying across the room, I noticed that her hungry eyes were fixated on my chest.

We were both panting very hard.

I wasn't surprised when half a second later she was sucking on one of my nipples as if it was the only thing on this Earth. When she sucked my other nipple, it was even more delicious. I couldn't help to moan out loud, and I felt my clit twitch. I felt it twitch several times.

She started licking my stomach again, and I felt her thumbs on the sides of my hips, inside the elastics of my panties. She started to pull them off very gently, very slowly; and I felt my underwear travel down my legs, through my knees, through my ankles, and then I didn't feel them anymore.

She grabbed my knees, and pulled my legs open. Next thing I knew, her face was buried on my crotch, and I felt her hot wet tongue licking my clitoris, very strong, very fast; and I felt the heat building inside me.

I could barely keep my eyes open, but I saw that she was crouching next to me, one of her hands was inside her panties, and she must've been pleasuring herself really badly, because she was moaning. And the vibrations of her moans while she was licking me, was something that made me hotter than I already was. I felt her tongue traveling further down, and slipping inside me. She was fucking me with her tongue, and I never felt something like that before. My moans turned into screams as I felt the in and out movements. I wanted to reach her, tried to touch her, to make her feel like I was feeling, but she didn't let me. She was just fucking herself.

Then, her tongue disappeared, nothing was there, but before I could say anything, I felt two fingers inside me. I lifted my head from the floor; I tried to half-sit while the rhythm of the fingers kept getting faster and faster. I saw her beautiful breasts, covered with sweat, shining in the little light that was in the room. I licked both my thumbs and I cupped her breasts, squeezing gently while my wet thumbs rubbed her nipples. I don't think she expected that, she gasped for air, and I felt her tremble. After that, the pleasure was much more intense than I could handle. My body started to violently shake, and I screamed really loud as I was coming. Not a moment later, she was coming too; and as I lied in the floor semi- unconsciously, I felt her collapsing over me.

A moment later, she stood up and started gathering her clothes all over the shop and dressing herself. I was still worn out, grinning so broadly that it ached. I couldn't move yet, and I don't know where she got the strength to recover so quickly. Still buttoning her dress, she headed for the door. I couldn't let her leave, I got up and chased her, naked as I was, and grabbed her by the elbow.

"Why?" I asked.

She just looked at me. She looked at me like she had no idea of what was I talking about. Like she didn't just fucked me like I never was fucked before. Like it was a day like any other day, like she was there to buy flowers or something.

Finally, I saw a tiny smirk in her face, as she approached her mouth to my ear and whispered "This never happened". I was so perplexed that I let her go.

After that, we never talked again about that. She always acted normal, friendly. And I tried to act that way too.


"Martha! What a surprise!" I say. Actually, I sigh. How can she? How can she speak to me as if nothing ever happened?

She asks for tulips. I offer her some tiger orchids. Jonathan says that she has her heart set on tulips.

How can he be so blind? How can he not see that the person next to him is such a bad person? There were times when I thought I should tell him. But I know that he would never believe me. He'd end up sticking for her and hating me instead. And I could never be with him again if I'm keeping this secret.

As I go looking for the tulips, I finally realize. She did it to separate us. She succeeded.

After talking to Lana, she takes her flowers and her man; and leaves.

I wish that I never had to see her again. At the same time, I wish that she were with me forever, fucking me over and over.

She's a bad person. So am I.