small town girls




After Hours
by Cara Chapel

Stifling a yawn, Chloe rubbed her eyes, which were starting to feel the strain of spending the last few hours blinking fuzzily at her Imac. The layout she was composing failed to complete itself while her lids were shut-- par for the course. A whole town of rampaging mutants, and her computer didn't take the hint and get with the program. She stifled a sigh-- she shouldn't complain. Without Lana to help, she'd be here most of the night.

As if on cue, Lana sighed and twisted, her back crackling loud enough Chloe could hear it. "Need an aspirin?"

"I need some coffee more than I need aspirin." Lana shoved back her chair and stretched.

"Maybe splash your face with some cold water."

"You know..." Lana's voice warmed, mischievous. "That's not a bad idea."

Chloe looked up, lifting a brow; Lana wandered around her desk and put a hip up on Chloe's table next to the keyboard.

"What kind of cold water have you got in mind?" Chloe was careful not to sound too interested, but she already knew she was game-- no way was little miss fairy princess getting anything over on her.

"There's always the pool." Lana vibrated with repressed mirth, but didn't make a move, and Chloe leaned back in her chair, putting her fingertips together. She watched Lana for a minute as though she was trying to figure out what she meant, enjoying the unfamiliar sensation of having someone wait for her approval.

"I've got some bad memories of that pool."

"Want to make some good ones?" With that, Lana hopped down and pushed out the door. "Last one in is a rotten egg!"

Chloe whooped and her chair toppled, clattering onto the floor as she took off after Lana. She was running, dark hair flying behind her like tatters of storm cloud. Chloe ran too, her clogs clacking noisily on the tiles, laughter bubbling out of her, the layout forgotten and the morning deadline along with it.

The big double-doors that led to the pool creaked, the sound echoing along the empty halls like something out of a horror movie, and slammed. Chloe let her momentum fade with a last few running strides, and caught the door handle, breathing fast-- she hadn't lied to Lana; her memories of Sean Kelvin didn't show signs of fading any time soon. Sometimes she woke up at night, tangled in blankets that she'd kicked loose from the foot of the bed, still feeling the bite of ice fastened around her ankle and hearing him laugh....

She took a deep breath to steady herself, then hauled the door open, half-expecting only an empty, echoing room, but Lana was waiting by the nearest edge of the pool. She'd found the light panel while Chloe dithered at the door; the pool's underwater lighting was on, and the room fluttered with an eerie blue-green glow. Lana gave Chloe a triumphant grin, already hauling her pullover over her head.

"What are you waiting for?" Lana tossed her pink sweater to one side. Chloe blinked and swallowed; Lana had on a little black lace bra, and the skin of her belly was the same tawny color as her face. She was golden all over.

"Skinnydipping?" Chloe teased her. "In the school pool? What if one of the teachers is still here after hours, grading papers?"

"Scared?" Lana's hands started to work at the waistband of her jeans, and Chloe wrenched her eyes away.

"Are you kidding?" She skinned out of her top just as fast, and since she had on a skirt and clogs, not a button fly and sneakers, she beat Lana out of her clothes by a good three seconds.

The water closed around her body with a sharp, chilly shock, and she held her breath, kicking, till she made it to the middle of the pool, then surfaced, sputtering a little and wiping water out of her eyes. Lana still stood on the verge; she was naked, her hair spilling over her shoulders and breasts. Her hands on her hips, she looked less certain than she had before. Chloe laughed, breathless.

"You aren't chickening out now." She treaded water; it felt cold and secret between her thighs. "Come on in! It's not cold." It was, but she wanted to see Lana sleek and dripping wet.

Lana laughed, sounding nervous, then padded over to the diving board. Chloe watched, sculling backwards to give Lana more room to dive. She hesitated on the verge, laughed self-consciously, and then cut the water without a splash, flashing a tantalizing glimpse of her soft bottom. Heat flared in Chloe, and she kicked forward, watching the dark ripple of Lana's hair as she rose towards the surface.

"It's c-cold!" Lana accused her, but not with anger. Chloe splashed at her, laughing.

"Race you to the end of the pool!" She set out, cleaving the water gracefully, confident in her long, powerful legs. Maybe too confident; their hands slapped the end of the pool almost together. Lana was wet and glistening like a seal, and she was laughing again. Chloe sank under the surface and came up breathing out through her nose, slicking her hair back.

"If Clark shows up, who's going to run him off and get our clothes?" Lana wondered.

"Or Pete."

"Or Lex."

"Lex?" Chloe considered it. "Clark or Pete we could handle. But Lex...."

"Lex is an expert at handling girls in pools." Lana stripped water from her hair with the blade of her palm. "That's what he was doing the first time I ever saw him."

Chloe giggled. "You think he'd strip off and dive in?"

"What would you do if he did?"

"What would you do if Clark did?" Chloe kept her voice light.

They eyed each other for a minute, then Lana laughed. "Clark would be too shy to dive in."

"Unless you were drowning or something."

"Yeah." She looked thoughtful, and a little fond. Chloe's stomach tightened. "Hey, he'd jump in to save you, too."

"Maybe I wouldn't need it." Chloe pushed away from the wall and floated on her back, sweeping her arms like she was making a snow angel. The ceiling overhead was painted dark blue, metal beams half- hidden in the shadows.

"You wouldn't need it." Lana pushed after her, floating on her belly, awkwardly keeping her head tilted out of the water. "I'd rescue you."

Amused and a little startled, Chloe sat up in the water, swallowed a mouthful, and nearly choked. Immediately Lana's arm was around her waist, steadying her, and she clung to Lana's arm for a second. "That was really bright," she said, just a little bitterly, when she could talk again.

Lana was close, her eyes dark. Her mascara was running, but her lipstick was still perfect. Chloe could feel Lana's nipple, hard in the silky water, brushing against her own breast. "You OK?" Lana didn't let go. Chloe nodded, gulping a little. Their legs tangled briefly, kicking.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Chloe hesitated a second too long and tried to cover it. "Thanks."

"No problem." Lana's breast felt warm and strange, but very good. Chloe swallowed and took back a little space.

"So, if Lex showed up and dived in, what would you do?"

"Tell him I already had somebody to swim with. If that didn't work, I'd remind him about age of consent laws in Kansas." Lana dimpled.

"And Clark?" Chloe couldn't stop pushing.

"I'd watch him swim." Lana's eyes were thoughtful. She closed them, and when they opened again, her expression was guarded. She watched Chloe carefully.

Chloe tittered, uncomfortable, trying not to feel hurt. "I would too." There were droplets of water on her eyelashes, and she blinked them away.

"How about Pete?"

Chloe laughed. "Pete? Pete's not a guy. He's just Pete."

"You should see him with his shirt off." Lana's eyes sparkled. "I did last summer, when Nell paid him to help her move some crates from the barn down into the basement. He was all sweaty and hot, and shiny." Lana flushed. "He was muscled all over. I carried some lemonade out to him."

"No way!" Chloe grinned. "If he caught on to you checking him out, it did wonders for his ego."

Lana laughed and ducked her head. "I decided all his muscles must come from working out with the football team."

"Have you ever seen Clark with his shirt off?" Chloe bit her lip.

"No." Lana shook her head. "But he probably looks good too. Lots of farm work."

Chloe nodded and rolled over, setting out across toward the shallow end in a lazy crawl, holding her breath as long as she could before turning her face up to gulp for air. The edge bumped her fingertips, slick and hard and cold. She put her back against the wall where a vent opened, piping fresh, heated water into the pool. It felt good, massaging against the small of her back. Lana hesitated for a moment, then followed her.

"You found a warm spot," she commented, standing up in front of Chloe. Water streamed off her in rivulets, between her breasts and over them.

"Yeah." Chloe felt uncomfortable, too exposed. She was glad sometimes she wasn't a guy; if she had a dick right now, Lana wouldn't have any doubt what was going on in her mind. The silence stretched, a little uncomfortable. "What about Whitney?" She seized on the idea with gratitude. "Is he ripped?"

Lana blinked at her, forehead creasing very slightly.

"You know. Cut. Built. Like Pete, only more so."

"I've never seen Whitney without a shirt." Lana shrugged, diffident. "He's pretty modest."

"None of my business, I guess." Chloe's laugh rang hollowly against the high ceiling.

"You know, Chloe..." Lana paused, visibly searching for words. "I get the feeling that you're upset about... Clark."

"Yeah, well." Chloe shrugged, sinking till her chin touched the water. "You know how Clark's face shows everything."

It seemed answer enough, and Lana understood. The crease on her brow deepened. "Sometimes yours does too," she confided, and she mirrored Chloe, settling her chin low in the water, so that it came up almost to her nose. She waited.

Chloe blinked, considering. "You don't give away much," she commented. "That's probably why it's taking Clark so long to put the moves on you."

Lana laughed. "Maybe." She sank under the water and flowed away like an otter. Chloe watched her as she found a lane and surfaced, then dove again.

Chloe took a deep breath and followed her. Maybe I should try the breast stroke. She laughed at herself, but it still hurt a little. Pretty Lana. She could take her pick of all the guys in Smallville, and she had the only one Chloe wanted by the shorthairs. It figured.

"You know," Chloe commented after they had reached the edge of the pool again and wiped their eyes, "sometimes I wonder if guys are worth it."

Lana laughed out loud, crooking her arm around the aluminum ladder to stay afloat. "I know exactly what you mean."

"We girls could do okay on our own without them." Chloe bit her lip, wondering if she'd pushed too far, but Lana didn't seem upset.

"I think so. I love Whitney, or, well." She shook her head lamely. "I care about Whitney. A lot. But sometimes I wish I wasn't tied down."

"Because of Clark." Chloe lifted her chin, determined to be brave.

"Clark's part of it, but it's more than that." Lana looked at Chloe, lips parted to speak, but failed to say anything for a long while. "If I was with Clark, maybe it would just be... more of the same. Sometimes I think... I'd like to try something different."

Chloe blinked; the soft lapping of water faded into the background, and there was nothing but Lana's eyes, soft and dark and unreadable. She took a deep breath. You didn't have to hit Gabe Sullivan's daughter with a two-by-four. Or maybe you did, but then you shouldn't be surprised if she took it away from you and hit back.

"So, you said you wanted to make some good memories in here." Chloe heard the challenge in her voice. "What did you have in mind?"

Lana's smile curled faintly, uncertain. "I don't know."

Chloe drifted closer. Lana didn't back away, stretching her free arm over the lip of the pool. Her breasts lifted, and the wavelets lapped at her nipples. Chloe licked her lips, letting Lana see where she was looking, holding the moment until there could be no doubt.

Lana swallowed, but held her ground, and Chloe lifted her eyes again, studying Lana's lips, and then met her gaze. "You meant it, didn't you. About not needing guys." Lana's voice was a whisper.

Chloe threw caution to the winds. "If you meant it about trying something different."

Lana blinked, but didn't take it back, so Chloe caught the ladder, pulling herself in. Their breasts touched again, electric, and her hand found Lana's waist and slid around her back. She felt her ankles tangle between Lana's.

Lana licked her lips, her breath warm on Chloe's face. Chloe hesitated on the verge until it was clear that Lana wasn't going to stop her, and then she closed the distance.

Lana tasted of lipstick and pool-water. Her lips were soft, her teeth demurely closed. They stirred chastely against Chloe's though, clinging just the slightest bit as Chloe pulled away.

They breathed hard, eyes locked, until Chloe realized her arms were covered with goose bumps. "It's a little bit cold in here. Did you know the football team has a sauna?"

Lana's tongue touched her lips, the same dark shade as her lipstick. "Do they?"

"Clark told me about it." Chloe let Lana slip out of her arms. "Want to go investigate?"

Lana nodded, and Chloe followed her around the edge of the pool, watching as she climbed-- hips smooth, a fleeting glimpse of dark hair visible between them as she climbed. Chloe reminded herself to breathe, and hoisted herself out as well. Lana padded past the pile of clothes toward the locker rooms, looking over her shoulder-- she was smiling again, secretive, the same look that made Chloe grind her teeth when it was directed at Clark.

Chloe followed her, stomach glowing with pleasant anticipation. They left wet footprints past the urinals and shower stalls, laughing at the dirty sweat-socks hanging out of lockers, and found the sauna nestled in its corner. Chloe turned the dial for half an hour while Lana took the bucket and filled it. She came back with towels, and they spread them on the cedar benches in the first cloud of rising steam. Chloe left the bucket and dipper within easy reach, and scooted onto the lower bench. Lana stood before her, hair in disarray, body glistening. She didn't seem to know what to do.

"Are we going to..." she gestured, nervous. " something?"

"Think of it as practice for the real thing." Encouraged, Chloe reached for her, and Lana's slim body fit easily between her knees. Chloe's head spun with giddy exhilaration; she wished Lana's hair wasn't wet-- she wanted handfuls of it, to drag Lana's mouth down and hold her with. She tasted lipstick, and their teeth clicked, then Lana opened and it was easier-- Lana was hot and wet and sweet inside, like plums picked fresh off the tree.

"Nice lip gloss," Chloe drew back and licked her own lips. They giggled, a little uneasy. Chloe's hands rested at Lana's waist. She slid them around, exploring down over Lana's perfect hips, then up to cradle her small, dark-nippled breasts. Lana sighed, lashes sooty spikes lying against her cheeks. Lana was already sweating in the steam, her body slick under Chloe's palms.

A couple of pay-per-view lesbian pornos and some internet smut weren't much to build on, but Chloe had faith in her ability to improvise. Lana's breasts bobbed as she breathed, rising and falling at eye-level, so Chloe leaned forward and opened her mouth, letting Lana's nipple rest on her lower lip. Lana inhaled sharply, a low hiss like the steam on the rocks, and Chloe sucked it in, circling it with her tongue. Lana shivered, her hand moving restlessly before finding a safe place on Chloe's shoulder.

The heat made Chloe's head swim; she tasted salty sweat on Lana's skin. She suckled, nibbling lightly, then bit down till Lana gasped, and soothed the small hurt with gentle kisses. Lana's other breast was salty too, its lower curve lush under Chloe's tongue. She could get used to this in a hurry; Lana's hips were sweet and smooth in the palms of her hands and her nipples were fascinating, firm and pliant. Chloe nibbled again, enjoying the soft moan it produced, and the sharp cry when she bit down.

She pulled back, letting the nipple escape, and spared a minute to tip more water on the rocks. The steam billowed, curling around them, making the room feel hazy and surreal.

Emboldened by her success, Chloe slid her hand between Lana's thighs, slowly moving upward. Lana's eyes stayed shut and her shoulders lifted with her shuddering inhalation. Chloe felt wiry hair against her thumb, and she paused to let Lana get used to the idea, returning to her breasts. She fluttered her tongue against Lana's nipple, evoking a low whimper, and slid her hand higher, thumb questing experimentally.

It found smooth, secret flesh behind the guarding hair, slippery wet. Chloe relaxed, giddy with power, fully in control. Lana breathed harshly, her mouth open and her eyes shut. Chloe explored, frankly curious, sliding her finger through the folds, wetting them till she could move smoothly anywhere she touched. She wondered if Lana ever let Whitney have her-- probably not, if she never saw him without his shirt. She wondered if she could tell just by feeling, and she traced the opening experimentally, then slid her finger as deep as she could. It went in smoothly, but Lana was tight, fluttering around her.

Lana gasped, eyes flying open, and she stumbled a half-step back. "Chloe!"

"Sorry." Chloe backed off. "Did I hurt you?"

"No, I just..." she licked her lips. "I wasn't expecting it." Her smile flickered, then steadied.

"Spread your feet apart so you won't fall." Chloe returned to safe territory, watching her face. Lana quivered, biting her lip-- she had lipstick on her teeth now; she wasn't so perfect anymore with her rumpled hair and her mascara running.

Chloe traced circles lightly around the very tip of the little bud, skating sweetly in the slickness from Lana's body, and loved the way Lana shivered in little gusts and savaged her lower lip. Lana groped for Chloe's shoulders again, bracing herself, and leaned into the touch. Her breath echoed dully, stirring steam against Chloe's face, the only motion in the heavy air. Chloe squirmed on her towel, enjoying the slow burn of arousal.

"Ohhhh." A little purr resonated in the tiny room, Lana's nipple humming lightly on her tongue. Chloe fumbled for the dipper again with her free hand and managed to splash more water onto the rocks. The steam thickened in the dizzying heat, and Lana swayed, her hair lank with moisture.

Chloe shifted, aching, and pushed a little harder, still making circles around the hard little bud. She tugged at Lana's nipple with her teeth, enjoying the whimper of response, and thought about Lana under her tongue-- or better yet, Lana's tongue on her. The thought sent a pulse of fire throbbing through her, and Chloe pulled her hand away, ignoring Lana's murmur of protest. She poured on another dipper of water, and another, till the steam was so thick the single light burned a wide halo in the air.

"Lie down," Chloe muttered thickly, her voice hoarse. It was too hot near the top of the room to stand. She pushed Lana around and onto the towel. Lana went easily, her legs folding to leave her seated on the bench, and Chloe breathed deep of the wet hot air, then got on her knees and nuzzled against the inside of Lana's knee.

"Oh my God." Lana went limp, her head tipping back against the upper bench. Chloe nipped at the unbearably smooth flesh, leaving a ring of teeth-marks at mid-thigh, and nuzzled upward, stealing a look at Lana's face. Lana's hand crept forward down her thigh, then slid behind Chloe's neck, guiding her. Chloe accepted the direction, hesitating just a moment before the thatch of damp black curls. She parted Lana tentatively, scenting her musk, and leaned in, not letting herself be daunted, to touch the tip of her tongue to the dark rosy flesh that waited for her.

Lana tasted salty, but it wasn't gross, and Chloe sighed with relief, trying it again with more enthusiasm. Her coarse hair tickled Chloe's nose, and Chloe made a face, but Lana gave a low wail and bucked up against Chloe's tongue, her fist pulling uncomfortably in Chloe's hair.


"Don't stop!"

That was enough for Chloe. She sealed her mouth over the spot and licked, sucking lightly. Lana whimpered and her free hand thumped hollowly on the bench, nails scratching at the wood. Chloe pushed her tongue hard against Lana, loving the power and the giddy, guilty exhilaration of it; she teased at the opening to Lana's body again, sliding just two fingertips inside, feeling Lana's body clench and release with tension.

"Yes...." Lana hissed, pushing forward, and Chloe slid her fingers into the wet velvety depths again, feeling welcome this time. Lana's body resisted, then yielded to her, clasping her tightly. Chloe had just enough sense left to think of the G-spot, turning her fingers and searching... she wasn't sure if she found it, but Lana arched with a low scream and clenched fiercely around Chloe's fingers. Chloe felt herself lose some hair to the tight grip at her scalp but kept licking and stroking-- only realizing Lana had come when she finally scrabbled to move away, too sensitive, her body still clenching in spasms.

"Oh, fuck." Chloe had never heard Lana swear, and the word sounded strange and awestruck coming out of that perfect, prim mouth.

Chloe moved up onto the bench, awkward, slipping her arm around Lana and guiding Lana's head onto her shoulder. Aftershocks shook her for a long time; Lana wiped wet hair from her face. It was going to be a mass of tangles; Chloe figured she'd have to comb it out with conditioner.

"Are you okay?" Chloe whispered, but her voice echoed in the small space.

Lana nodded, speechless, still fumbling to straighten her hair. She'd stopped shuddering and was pliant in Chloe's arms. Chloe waited a moment, expectant, but Lana lay still. She nuzzled, hoping for Lana's mouth, but it was out of reach, and Lana didn't turn to kiss her.

"My turn?" Chloe tried not to sound hopeful and needy.

Lana blinked, her forehead wrinkling a little. "I... oh." She bit her lip. "I... I don't think I can do that." Her body stiffened in Chloe's arms.

"You don't have to do what I did." I sound pathetic. Chloe could feel the situation wavering, very nearly slipping out of her grasp. "Take it easy." She raised herself on one elbow, groping for the dipper, and refreshed the steam. Lana sighed at the new flow of damp air, and Chloe settled back beside her. "That's better." The steam-dimmed light gave her a sensation of being invisible and anonymous, and her head swam from the heat. Lana curled into her arm, still tense but waiting to see what Chloe would do.

She lazily ran her hand down her body and between her thighs, finding them slick with a combination of sweat and arousal. That was it. She sighed, her fingertip finding its favorite home. She was melting, sweat trickling all over her body. Lana's breasts were steam-slick and hard nippled, shifting against her, and she slid her arm around Lana's waist, holding her close so she could feel them better.

This time Lana responded, kissing Chloe, then half-drawing back almost as though she'd thought better of it. "What's the matter? Forgot?" Chloe laughed.

"It's... not bad." Lana sounded whispery and breathless.

"No, it isn't." Chloe lifted her head again, and Lana's pink tongue darted into the kiss, tasting herself in Chloe's mouth, then venturing to lick Chloe's face with delicate kitten strokes.

"Mmmmmmmm." The heat spun in Chloe's head, and she moved her fingers in time with her pulse. Lana kept kissing her, lapping softly down her throat and over her collarbone.

"Salty..." she mumbled against Chloe's skin. "You taste good." Chloe arched against her mouth, luxuriant, and led Lana's head to her breast, sighing with pleasure as Lana's mouth closed over her nipple. She couldn't get a good draught of oxygen in the steam-thick air. The stifling heat dizzied her, heightening her senses. Lana was like a little cat, all coy deft motion and rough sandpapery tongue.

Chloe shifted, putting her back down flat; the boards were almost hot enough to burn her skin. Lana moved with her, kneeling between her thighs. Her wet hair draped over Chloe's stomach; she was working her way down towards the place where Chloe burned with even more heat than the sauna. Chloe whimpered, lifting her hips against the pressure of her own finger, and felt Lana's palms inside her thighs, pushing them further apart.

Lana paused there, watching, and Chloe didn't hesitate, chasing orgasm desperately now. She needed to finish and breathe; they'd been in here too long. Lana's lips fluttered against her thigh, and her tongue between them. Chloe gasped, bucking upwards. Lana's fingers were moving downward now to join Chloe's; her nails were long but she moved her hands carefully, parting Chloe. The heat of the sauna baked against Chloe's tender flesh, and incredibly, Lana's head dipped.

Wet hair pooled against Chloe's thighs and slithered against her sensitive parts; she cried out at its touch and writhed, losing any semblance of rhythm. Lana's tongue was cool and deft against her, picking up where she'd lost control, and Chloe curled her hand into a fist, struggling to stay still as Lana explored, tentative and hesitant. Her nails bit into her palm, and she couldn't bite back a low cry; her chest hitched and she whooped in a gasp of leaden air as Lana's mouth finally covered her, and her tongue started to flicker with the same cat-quick reflexes the rest of her body showed with so much untapped promise.

Chloe exploded, evaporating into steam under Lana's tongue with a shriek, curling in on herself, unable to stop the reflex. She felt Lana's face between her thighs, and made herself release their clutch, then fumbled for Lana, dragging her back up for a kiss, tasting herself and cleaning Lana, just as she'd been cleaned. Lana kissed her, then smiled, looking shy and a little hesitant, her hair a snarled aureole around her head.

"That was... God." Chloe stole another kiss, and then another, savoring the trace of herself in Lana's mouth. "Thanks!" Her skin almost couldn't contain her contentment; she thought she might burst with joy-- or maybe she was just about to roast alive. "We'd better get out of here before our brains boil like soup," Chloe panted, and they steadied each other, fumbling for their towels and staggering out the door.

The cool air out in the locker room was nearly the best thing Chloe had ever felt-- it ran a poor second to Lana's tongue against her clit-- and she sucked in deep, gasping lungfuls of it as they padded out to rescue their abandoned clothes. They retired into the girls' locker room for showers, where they stood close, and Lana spent a while battling her stubborn tangles under the spray as Chloe let lukewarm water sluice over her back and her breasts, basking in her memories.

Chloe left the shower when Lana managed to work the conditioner through her hair and started rinsing it out under the spray. She dressed and had Lana's towel waiting when she stepped out. "Do you... would you like to, you know, try this again sometime?"

Lana blinked away water, then patted her face dry. Chloe bit her lip, waiting, shifting her weight from foot to foot. The white of the towel made Lana's skin dark and exotic, and that made Chloe hungry to taste it again.

"I think so," she finally ventured, then gave Chloe a shy dimple, but her eyes danced with mischief. "There've got to be a lot of stories that are so important we have to work all hours of the night to get them done."

Chloe blinked, remembering. "The layout! The deadline's tomorrow." She grimaced, apologetic.

"I'll call Nell and tell her it'll be a while." Lana tossed away the towel and pulled up her panties. The elastic snap made Chloe's mouth water, and she watched with avarice as Lana dressed. "First one done with her page gets to choose the next place...."

Chloe gave a war whoop and raced her back to the office.