Outside, no one sees
The latest exploitation
Of the magical
He walks through the streets
Trying to clear his head, and
Wonders what changed
Perhaps he is just
A faded magician
Only good for tricks
A faint drizzle slips
Down onto his face and he
Thinks he is crying
He never had time
For sentimentality
He must have changed
He misses the days
When he controlled chaos
With a smile and wink
Werewolf geisha boy
Giving him a part of Japan
He did not know of
Perhaps one day he'll
Return to the club and he'll
Set him free on them
He smiles as he thinks
Of the screams and the fear
Of schoolgirls in pain
Maybe he has not
Quite lost his touch, but perhaps
He just needs to go
He wonders, briefly
What Rupert is doing now
And decides to see