The samisen sits
Alone in the far corner
Untouched and ignored
Long black hair now wig
Slipping off of red-head spikes
Sweat dripping downwards
White paint smudged onto
The embroidered kimono
Red lips smile faintly
The sash is removed
The body turns as it is
Exposed -- the wolf snarls
Tattooed skin gleaming
Arcane runes and a large wolf
Eyes shining at prey
Acid burn on his arm
Aches in fresh recollection
Egyhon's final price
"We all have secrets,"
The boy says as his back speaks
In inhuman tongues
More clothing removed
He stands there with nothing on
But he pays no mind
Skin revealed slowly
Like a burlesque performed in
The slowest motion
He knows he is old
But the soft smile on his lips
Makes him feel younger
Wiry muscle jumps
Under the gentle stroking
Of a practiced hand
Time drags and pulls him
Inexorably towards
A singular state
Push and pull and push
His skin slick and yet sticky
Flesh cleaving to flesh
A moment soon comes
Toes curl and mouths open wide
Gutteral shouting
He tells the tale
Of the rituals before
When cleanup was pride
Damp tissues in hand
Hello Kitty smiling wide
He slips on a robe
And helps him with the kimono
Wig slightly askew
A single shared glance
All the words left unsaid now
Expressed in the eyes

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