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Multi-fandom, multi-rating. Be forewarned. Stories I love.

The Lay Of Westley Of Wyndham by Jennifer-Oksana (Angel)
It's a Lilah/Wesley story set in medieval England written in Middle English, with academic editor's notes liberally splashed throughout. It is epic, it is hilarious, and it is beautiful.
The Fire & The Rose by Abby & Anne (Harry Potter)
Snape and Hermione end up switching bodies and, finally, there's a bodyswitch story that not only has a scorchingly hot sex scene with the people in the different bodies, but there's also an entirely too mature and logical understanding of the Hermione/Snape relationship. A brilliant story.
882 Ways To Appease The Heathen Gods by Circe Tigana & Others (Pirates Of The Caribbean/multifandom)
882 pieces of Aztec gold to be put into a stone chest, 882 stories. A drabble competition that became astounding, not only for the fact that there are well over 882 stories about the Aztec gold, but the variety of fandoms involved make it all the more enjoyable.
The Most Ridiculous First Name I've Ever Heard by mousapelli (Harry Potter)
This is a rather bleak, rather brilliant story about Remus, about lycanthropy, and about what can happen when a person snaps. The ending will take your breath away.
Some Kind of Beautiful by Zillah (Harry Potter/Pop)
Britney/Ginny, with the books existing in the world, Jamie Lynn knowing more than she should, and a Potions Master in a floral-patterned shirt and cargo pants. Keeps all the various canons tight, reads beautifully, and is just a downright delight.
Four Ghosts by Hollimichele (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Subtle. So very subtle. It slides up against you and then you're shivering in bittersweet beauty.
in the closet by Michi M. Chu (Harry Potter)
Harry's got a secret, Ginny and Ron think it's another lover, and the answer isn't what you (or anyone else) thinks. A slow and sweet trip, with everything going as it should be, until the ending, when it whacks you hard and furiously against the stomach and prevents you from breathing. Brilliant.
A Little Lost Sleep by Merri-Todd Webster (Pirates Of The Caribbean)
Will/Jack/Elizabeth in a cabin on the Black Pearl, and it's so astoundingly deliciously porny that you can't get enough of it. Great Jack voice as well.
The Adventures Of JC And JC by Roxanne (Bible/Pop)
The photo adventures of a pop star and a deity who share the same initials. Cute as hell and just absolutely wet-your-knickers hilarious.
Teenage Wildlife by Colleen Unhinged (Angel/Six Feet Under)
College girl Lilah hitting all the right clubs and finding two beautiful siblings with matching tattoos and it's subtle and delicious, which makes it all fantastic. Tasty.
Faded Laughter Against Her Ear by Mary Borsellino (Harry Potter)
Ginny finds an old portrait of Sirius, and it's bittersweet beauty about how, in the magical world, all the old dreams and hopes still last -- despite what's happened now. It's so pretty and painful.
Photos by Claire (Harry Potter)
A perverse little story about Colin, Ginny, and a bunch of photos of Harry and Hermione. It's nominally het, but it's so damn queer that it just rolls in your belly and makes you grin.
Ode To Harry Potter by Switchblade Kittens (Harry Potter)
Not a story, but a song, available in mp3, of Ginny's thoughts about Harry. Sounds like a real-life version of Josie & The Pussycats, adorable lyrics, and just utterly kick-ass.
Severus Looks In The Mirror by Isis & A (Harry Potter)
100 words about Severus Snape, six pages of artwork, and it's a minicomic that speaks levels about this character... What a 100-word-drabble should be, and the final page will amaze you.
Slashers Of The Caribbean by Noctiluca (Pirates Of The Caribbean)
A photo essay/story about two pirates! In love! If you're not even mildly amused by this, you have no soul. It's hilarious.
breathe by Yumi (Harry Potter)
A slow sweet utterly poetic trip through Hermione and her love life. This is delicate and exquisite and definitely worth reading.
No Happy Memories by Amanuensis (Harry Potter)
This achingly bittersweet and beautiful Harry/Sirius story about the final 24 hours before the Dementors come for Sirius. Sharp and yet tender, painful and yet sweet, and you're not sure if it's terrible or if it's wonderful. And the ending just makes it.
Singing With The Radio by Lucy Hale (Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Pop)
Oz and Chris Kirkpatrick. Wait, let me say that again. Oz. And. Chris. Together. With a brilliant set-up, an even more brilliant romance, and then there's an actual Sunnydalian plot that works so well that you'll be amazed. It's brilliant.
And The Hat Said 'Griffyndor' by Ciircee (Harry Potter)
A beautiful story about Hagrid and what happened after Riddle told people about Aragog. A great insight into Hagrid, and, just generally, it makes me feel comfortable and cheerful.
Green Candle by Caliah (Harry Potter)
An utterly merciless view of what Hermione would be willing to do. Would Hermione go that far? Does she think this way? And how brilliant would it be if she did? This chills and warms me at the same time, and I grin every time I think about it.
Jenny the Vampire Slayer by Marcus Rowland (The Authority/Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
This amazing utterly seamless crossover between two universes, and it works so well and so right that you honestly can't believe that it didn't happen. An absolute gem.
Delight by Propserina (Pop)
A sugarspun glittering tale of magical realism and Britney with fairy wings. A lot like Francesca Lia Block, but with pop stars and daydreams. A real delight.
'cause everybody wants by Silvia (Harry Potter/Pop)
This subtle and elegant little story about pop music, Muggle/Magical life, and Hermione falling for a vision in summer and sex on her television. Dreamlike and hypnotic and delicious.
Book of Daniel by glossolalia (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
That long summer between first and second season, Giles in his library, and a student who walks in one day, making obscure references and being enigmatic, at best. This is Giles and Oz, and, just like green tea ice cream, all the flavours blend together in a subtle magnificent perfection. This is a series, and you will love it.
fitter happier more productive by zara helma (Angel)
Five things that could happen to Connor. Taut, right, and so amazing that you can't even believe you've just read it.
X-MANSON by D. Benway (X-men)
Everyone recommends this, and with good reason. It's not a school for gifted youngsters, it's a cult. And this is just a brilliant rendering of the X universe that will blow your little mind away.
Your Pack Of Secrets by Aspen (Harry Potter)
A slow, sweet, winding tale of teenage passion and illicit relationships -- it simmers so slowly, making you feel so very good afterwards.
The Gift by Schuyler (Harry Potter)
A toad, a rehabilitating magician, and a long-forgotten secret. Doesn't sound like a promising selection for an utterly wonderful and sweet romance, but it works oh so very well. Beautiful, adorable, and so amazing.
Call Me Koufax by Glossolalia (Angel)
This is Oz. This is so Oz. This is Oz and this is Angel and this is just astoundingly perfect. Brilliant dialogue, brilliant descriptions, and just brilliant overall.
We All Fall Down by Bec (Harry Potter)
Hermione loses it and then loses it. It's amazing in the slow descent into insanity, and more amazing in the slow ascent into romance. Just fantastic.
Handful of Hollow by Miss Mona (Harry Potter)
It will be Hermione/Millicent, but, for now, it's this wonderful view of Millicent -- not just the big lug in the background that was mentioned once or twice, but a wonderfully detailed character. And great Hermione too.
Daughter Of The Hall by Jennifer-Oksana (Beowulf/Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
A retelling of the Beowulf myth, with the slayer named Grendel and the vampires in the hall. Absolutely brilliant. And beautiful. And right.
Abiding by Jennifer-Oksana (The Big Lebowski/Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Oz, the Dude, and Walter in a bowling alley as L.A. loses its sun and vampires come. Just the right amount of stoned brilliance that you would expect.
St. Theresa's Nail Polish Shrine by Jennifer-Oksana (Angel)
So very subtle, so very soft, so very gentle and yet so right. A great view of Cordelia.
Lonely Roads by Miranda (Angel/Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Buffy fights, Justine fights, they meet one lonely night on the docks and Buffy discovers that despite being The Only One, she's actually not. Very subtle, and very brilliant.
Arise From Thorns by Viola (Angel)
I am a huge fan of the character Justine, and this is her. Right there. All bitter and rough and unknowning about the world but just. so. angry. It's amazing.
The Not-So Secret Thoughts of a Bored Kourier by Selena (Snow Crash)
A bit of the musician slash, a bit of the teenage yearnings, and a great little piece of slash for an excellent novel. Fits perfectly in the universe and rolls along wonderfully.
Snowflakes by Dolores (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
An utterly amazing adorable zen koan-like story about Giles, Oz, and love. If you have a thing for former Watchers and mellow werewolves, then this is delicate goodness.
Things Change by Amy (Josie & The Pussycats)
A lot of people like to write stories with the characters finding fanfiction, but this is so utterly sweet and elegant -- real people finding real fanfiction and it's just cute.
Hazard To Myself by Amatia (Pop)
A bitter little beautiful Britney story about Justin leaving and smoking cigarettes. It's about the end of a relationship and how you just don't care anymore, and it hurts.
Requiem by backfromspace (Angel)
A wonderfully subtle piece about Wesley, Lilah, and the radio. The bolds and italics make it nifty, the story itself is fabulous.
Playing With Fire by Adrian Lynch (Harry Potter)
It begins with two children sleeping in the same bed, innocent, loving, gentle sleep. Just because those two children are Harry and Ron doesn't mean anything...or does it? An incredibly sweet, tender, touching story about slowly realizing that your best friend is a hell of a lot more. And as clich├ęd as that sounds, it's so cute!
Turn of the Wheel by HawkMoth (Firefly)
Despite everything, Serenity still flies. I don't want to spoil it for everyone, just know that it will get you right in your heart, it'll blow you away, and it feels so right.
Moving Pictures by Anna (Harry Potter)
Harry discovers porn and Ron at the same time and it's a delicious piece of crushing overwhelming teenage hormones.
Confection Carnage by Aspen (Harry Potter)
A scorchingly hot little Harry/Ron story, starting with a ice lolly and moving onto positively delicious sex. All you could want for a steamy little PWP...
The Paradigm Of Uncertainty by Lori (Harry Potter)
A multi-story epic involving the deep romance of Harry and Hermione. Much better than your average romance novel, and hits perfectly the spot in your brain that requires that sort of thing.
The Eighth Weasley by Fyre (Angel/Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Harry Potter)
An absolutely giant epic involving Willow being the long-missing twin sister of Ginny Weasley. Much better than that plot leads you to believe. Adorable romances, great mix of the various canons, and just addictive.
Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Luuuurve by Stubbleglitter (Harry Potter/Pop)
This is the kind of story that makes you wet yourself in laughter. Justin goes to Hogwarts, falls in love with Harry, and wrongness ensues. A full on parody with beatboxing, the robot, and a million other wonderful things.
And Now For Something Completely Different by Silvia (Harry Potter)
"When Harry Potter woke up a girl, he promptly went back to bed." And the hilarity ensues. Oh, for the wonderful beauty of snarky gender change.
desperate songs to sing and hear by Pilar (Pop)
Britney covers "Jolene". And it's the song of her life. Written before Britney and Justin broke up, and so painfully right.
Accio by girlyskin (Harry Potter)
Hermione is called, like all the boys in the school, to Fleur. The author says "Because I thought they'd be pretty together," and she's so so right.
swimming by Schuyler (Harry Potter)
Harry, Hermione, and Ron, in the brief periods between the battles, and the brief quiet romance involved. I adore H/H/R, and this is one of the best I've read.
White Satin Pumps by Nora Charles (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
A harsh gripping tale of exactly what happens when your lover leaves you. Willow, the absent Tara, and a pair of scuffed white bridesmaid shoes. Brilliant.
flesh mechanic by Lise & Kel (Pop)
Genius. Utter fucking genius. Pieces of fiction spliced with pieces of fictional non-fiction spliced with your worst nightmare. Justin Timberlake, dancing in madness and building a cult in wonders of America.
Chiaroscuro by Luna (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
I am a massive sucker for Anya's past history. And this is so amazingly beautiful and subtle and fabulous -- it's what I would expect for Anya's past. The Goddess of Art and Revenge, in the same soft smile.

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