by Kate Bolin

"Yeah, I feel nothing, but tired."


"Is she asleep?"


"You didn't have to watch her, you know. That's why you hired the nanny."

"I know...but I like doing it. It....it makes me feel like I really am raising her."

"Cordelia, you're on the adoption certificate. This is your house, your room, your decor. I think you're definitely raising her."

"I guess...but watching her..."

"I know, I know....She is beautiful, isn't she?"

"Just like her mother."

"Hey! You'll wake Jenny!"

"Let's move into our room then. Come on....it's been two months since Jenny was born. I think she'll allow us a least ten minutes..."

"Only ten?"

"At least."

"Aren't you tired though? You've been carrying Jenny around all night and it's three am and don't you have an on-call at six?"

"And I'll be glowing. If you say yes."

All right, all right....But the next time Jenny cries, let me take care of her? She's going to forget which one of us gave birth to her."

"Not with hair like that....I didn't think babies could be such redheads... Now come on....before I do decide to sleep instead."

"All right, all right. Goodnight, Jenny. Pleasant dreams, sweetheart."