the pearl


"baby baby we like your baby we like your pants...all aboard for funtime..." — Iggy Pop

Faith cupped it in her hands, warming the silicon, sliding her hands up and down as she strokes it tenderly, lovingly. She doesn't need flesh and blood, not when she has a credit card number and a Good Vibrations catalog. "The Graduate" was right. Plastics.

It's been hard all night. So fucking hard, and it's because of that girl on her hands and knees in front of her. That smooth gentle gorgeous girl, smelling of spice, smelling of a dessert cart and pure raw lust. Blond hair above, dark hair lower, gleaming in the faint light with moisture.

"You want it, don't you, B?" Faith whispers, her voice rough, harsh, like she had been screaming all night at vampires, screaming at Buffy's fingers on her. "Yeah, I can feel how wet you are..." Her fingers slide between Buffy's legs, stroking tenderly, lovingly, slicking her hand up with the basic essence of Buffy. "Yeah, I know you want me to fuck you...want me to just..." Knees rustling against the sheets, spreading legs apart. Resting seven inches of thick silicon against tanned thigh. "...Push myself in..."

Fingers grabbing tightly onto the sheets as Faith toys with her, teasing her, waiting for the moment when she'll begin to beg, to babble, to just plain want. And it comes, it comes all too quickly for Buffy, who's never had anything like this, never this good old fashioned need, not even with Angel, much less the other, lesser, mortal men. Buffy whimpers, and begins to speak in breathy tones, near crying with desire. "Faith...please..."

"Please what?" Faith slides her cock up against Buffy's clit, just playing, really.

It has the desired effect, of course. Buffy gasps, her back arching, trying to get any part of Faith inside her. "Please...please...put it in me."

"Put what in you?" Faith is mocking her now, Faith is cruel, running the tip of that thick gorgeous bright green catalog piece right along the edges, scarcely half an inch in, and then out again.

Buffy does start sobbing now, tears running down her face — her face perfect for a beach movie, "Frankie and Annette Fight Vampires", but her mouth is saying something that would never get past the censors back then. "Faith...please...please put your cock in me. Please put all of it in me..."

Faith chuckles viciously as she presses against Buffy again, a little further, maybe an inch, just barely dipping the head in. "You mean this?"

Buffy groans, straining back, trying to get more and more of Faith into her. "Oh God, please! Please fuck me!"

Faith just closes her eyes and grins. Grinning widely, like the fucking queen of the universe as she oh-so-slowly fits all seven inches into Buffy's tiny body. Buffy just moans as it slides in, primal and loud, waking up the neighbors, waking up the dead. Look out, vampires, the Slayers are fucking, and damn, they can put y'all to shame.

Faith rubs up against Buffy, her hipbones pressing against Buffy's skinny little white girl ass. She does shallow thrusts inside of her, barely moving, but hitting that certain spot all too well. Buffy makes a noise at every instroke, just a slight whimper, letting Faith know that she was doing something definitely right.

Faith's movements get deeper. Her body leaves Buffy's in a regular rhythm, connected by a piece of industrial magic, then hips against ass, breasts against back, again and again, nature's clockwork. She bends down and licks the back of Buffy's neck, tasting the girl-sweat, the pleasure. Buffy shivers, shaking Faith slightly, and presses against Faith a little more insistently, wanting her even harder, even faster, wanting her more and more.

And Faith provides. Faith always provides, slamming against the smaller woman, giving her exactly what she wants, even if she doesn't completely know — a good hard strong fuck. Better than the men, better than anyone. Faith can fuck, and she can fuck well.

And Buffy arches and writhes, shrieking like the demons she kills every night. She's close, oh yeah, close to exploding all over the place in a pure rush of power. Faith pushes in harder and faster, her hands clutching at Buffy's hips in something akin to violence, bruises appearing and disappearing just as quickly thanks to Slayer health. One hand scrabbles down between Buffy's legs, fingers threading through wiry hair and slicking through wetness, finding that single solitary piece of blood-engorged flesh — hard like Faith's cock, yes, but so much smaller because Buffy doesn't believe in plastics, just in herself. And Faith twists her fingers, once, twice, three times, Buffy bucking and shrieking each time, and then the blond girl, hair lank with sweat, gives a final shriek, a final arching of her back, and collapses on the bed, arms and legs finally surrendering to the pleasure.

Faith helps her fall, gently lowering her, then slowly, carefully pulls out, stroking her lover as she unbelts the strap and pulls the harness away from her. She lies against Buffy, a girl resting against a girl, drifting off to sleep, her body screaming for sex, but it was easily silenced. Buffy needed to recover after all.

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